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Did you get laid last night?

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Yeah by myself.

No cuddling after but never a disappointment.


This is gonna sound like a smart ass response but I am 100% being serious: get a dog or a cat that you can snuggle with. My dog snuggles up against me every night and it helps a lot with that whole touch depravation thing. Plus you'll never find anyone as happy to see you as a dog will be. Since getting her I feel like I have a companion and snuggle buddy and it makes the idea of needing a man to give me those things seem really dumb. Between my dog and my sex toy stash, I'm waaaaay more content with my life than I had been when relying on a guy to solve those problems for me. Seriously, if I had something (maybe a robot?) that could kill cockroaches, I'd be fucking set. :lol:


Also, did not get laid last night.

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I didn't even get laid when i was IN a relationship! But honestly i prefer other things to just sex : CRAZY :

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