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New girl from France!

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Hi everyone!
I am a BBW from France.
I am not a professional, just a normal girl with a curvy body that feels more confortable in such places like this forum.
I think I will as I have seen lots of explicit pictures and I don't need to show myself like that or to see that, but most important thing is that everyone find his pleasure! ^_^ This is only not mine...

So I have dark hairs, half of the head shaved (but I am willing to let them grow back now), with piercings, 1m65 tall (5.41 US feet), 98kg (216 pounds).
I love long nails, high heels, smoking and other kinky materials like rubber, fur and more.

This move on this forum is because I am trying to "accept" my body in all its curvy shapes. I mean I have gain 30kg (66 pounds) in the past 8 years and I tried to manage with it, hidding it, not being very proud of it.
But recently, being in BDSm/fetish parties I have seen lot of peoples loving my body, my curves, my breasts while I thought it wasn't esthetic (because of what our society learn to us). That showed me that I MUST love myself as they do and don't be complexed by my curves!
And summer is the best moment to make this move.
On this road I am planning to buy sexy dresses at MY size on biggalslingerie. This will sound silly to you but for me this is a big part of the acceptation of my body.

In writting all that I am wondering if I am the right forum, perhaps too much made for professionals...I don't know we will see!

I attached a picture of myself, the only one I have right now on this computer that can show you my body :blush: but it is an old one so I look thinner lol

PS: english is not my native language, so don't use jargon with me...thx Edited by ffetishist

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Welcome - I hope you enjoy it here.

Wonderful sexy pic - beautiful

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Welcome to the Fat Forums, Ffetishist! :)

Don't worry... this really is not just a place for professionals!... there are many, many more non-professionals on here. :)

Enjoy your time here with the sexy, fat women and the friendly admirers! xx

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Thank you to all of you for your welcoming messages and particulary BellygirlUK for her reassuring message :wub:

And also I wanted to say to jasrub that I love his avatar and would love to see this wonderful drawing in a larger view ^_^
BTW still have to find how to make my avatar viewable on the forum...

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