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Bbwpinups.com is not a fancy adult site, it is definitely more towards the amateur side of things and the surfing is very very basic, however blu velvet's site offers quite a bit of picture sets and several short video clips. The videos are short and pretty basic but a nice addition to the picture sets. Basically the deal here is you aren't getting a refined fancy, flash filled website you are getting several sets of an amateur model (with some old sets of vivica love another poster here who now has her own site). Personally I find blu velvet impossibly hot and her site did not disappoint. I would have liked longer videos and more than the brief glimpses of pink, but really the point of this site is to join if you like blu's look which I certainly do. I recommend it to anyone who loves blu's look but doesn't want anything much harder than the preview pics she posts here and on her site.


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Blu did 2 guests sets with me on my site. i am in touch with her still but she is no longer modeling

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