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herfirstfatgirl.com review

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(from the AggieRevolution.com users)

Well, this thing scored four out of five stars in our book. Mandy did a fine job of getting the best combination on earth - both a BBW and a thinner girl, providing the user with the proverbial buffet of womanhood. Which is the beauty, is it not, of what makes the fairer sex so hot - the variety!

Mandy spices it up and serves us a hot brand of her usual hot self - a delight for all, I assure you. She brings in some beautiful women to compliment her luscious body, and the sights alone are phenomenal. And the manner of foreplay in the videos lends a heat to your monitor that will burn it out. Never seen kissing so passionate.

Why only 4? Why not 5?

Easy - we agreed that was was needed was some more dirty and naughty porn going on. Mandy has these girls, and we felt a little more of some strap on action or some more intense anal play would have sealed the deal. We would have loved more of Mandy dominating. Another disapointment was that we would love to have seen more oral reciprocation. Mandy gives to all, but they left her hanging on a couple.

As a whole, still HOT. Smoking hot. Open your wallets.

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Mandy's videos are sooooooooo hot! and she's a fine girl. what a good wife she would be.

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Is Mandy a genuine lesbian, or does she just prefer to make only girl-girl videos? Does anyone know if there are any photos or videos of her with a guy?

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