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Long Time No See: So what'd I miss in the past 7yrs?

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Figured I'd pass through, see what's going on, just give a brief "Hello" to the non crazy-ish cyber pals, (I had to cut bait for numerous reasons but the stalker-ish ones I had to go ghost on), I had and see if there's any folks on here from northeastern OH or western PA region (especially if you have a profile pic of your face). Just giving a extra shoutout to y'all. Peace, have a great & safe remaining Summer and come on Autumn. LOL! I'm just a large bbw now, a little older & wiser, not hell bent on boning (well, I never really was. That was to solely please others.). Now I'm out to satisfy my needs & wishes for once.  Now more into finding the ideal LOCAL  appealing sort to cater to my pain free whims; along with regular 'vanilla', intimate, and non intimate things too.

Ciao, kids. Btw, are there any BBC Proms fans here? Just curious. I love listening to BBC Radio 3 online this time of year. Eight weeks of bliss & I buy the program guide every year from the Amazon uk site. :D

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Hello, Molto, Nice to meet you. And Laurier & wishihadabbw, good to see you're still around and active on the forum. Hope all's good.

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