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Well, I wrote some erotica for everybody to enjoy, but now I can't upload it because of my outdated laptop. Could I email it to somebody and could they post it on my behalf ? 

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1 hour ago, julieunruly said:

Well, I wrote some erotica for everybody to enjoy, but now I can't upload it because of my outdated laptop. Could I email it to somebody and could they post it on my behalf ? 

As you wish... Please email me and I'll post it here for you.

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On 7/5/2018 at 6:27 PM, julieunruly said:

Thank you so much darling :)

As promised..


When I look a job that would require me to travel for half of the year, I had a lot of doubts that it would be a long term carreer for me. After all, who wants to live the kind of lifestyle that doesn't even allow for tending houseplants or feeding a goldfish ? I was soon to learn, however, that my new life as a ramblin' man would have some very erotic benefits !


My first week at work had me on a whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest, and I found myself with a free Saturday in a cute little college town called Eugene, in the state of Oregon.


In the lobby of my hotel, the “information for visitors” pamphlet suggested that I spend my free Saturday checking out the “Saturday Market”...apparently a Eugene institution of DIY crafts and free love values. I had been a college student in the early 1970's, so I was more than happy to make a daytrip back to the counterculture life and see what the Saturday Market had in store.


The scene was indeed much the same as it had been in my college student days...with the welcome addition of bare beasts ! Manning a small booth which sold glass pot pipes, a deadlocked and beaded 20-something commented “You must not be from around here, dude. Lots of chicks at the Market go around topless. It's totally legal.”


Dreadlocks And Beard was correct, there were breasts of almost all sizes and shapes on full, carefree display. However, my tastes have refined into a deep love and appriciation for a full female form. Chubby, big, large, girthy, thunderous, pendelous … all words which cause my cock to stiffen and leak pre cum as I see or imagine those words physically applied to a woman's body. Don't get me wrong... I love and respect all women. It's just that only the bigger ones turn me on. Sadly...I noticed the distinct lack of chub on all the ladies I saw. Well... I thought to myself...you can't win 'em all !


I had purchased a falafel sandwich, and was turning away from the food stall, when I nearly made contact with a woman who could control my cock with her memory for the rest of my life. The first thing I saw was a mass of curly, longish, wild looking strawberry blonde hair. She had huge blue eyes, and a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. I felt my cock throb as I took in her double chin, her plump shoulders, and her adorable chubby girl breasts with their sweet pink nipples. I guessed her bra size as 38C. She was wearing daisies in her hair, and had a hula hoop in her very plump and supple hands. As I stood there, staring dumbfounded...I realized that this was no ordinary chubby sex goddess. This delicious morsel of plumpness was wearing a long patchwork skirt which rode very high on her waist, almost directly underneath her breasts. I want sure, but from the outline of her body through the skirt, I suspected that a much larger pear-shaped body was hiding underneath that patchwork skirt. That was when I dropped my falafel sandwich !


The hippie goddess-girl smiled at me, and I broke out in a cold sweat. What if she could see and was offended by my rock hard cock attempting to rend the fabric of my pants ? Instead, this unique flower of folds and curves took my hand. “I'm Daisy” She said, her voice rich and musical. “You might enjoy something I have to show you.”


I cannot, in all honestly, remember a circumstance where I was ever closer to jizzing my pants in public ! I stammered greetings and followed as Daisy led me away from the action of the Market, my pants chafing my almost comical erection. In a cool, quiet corner with some foliage blocking the view, Daisy pressed her body against mine. My head swam and I felt dizzy. I could feel how wide her hips were, how big and round her tummy was, how very plump the mound of her pussy was, and how warm and corpulent her thighs were. Daisy dropped to her knees. “I want to make you cum, so that you can make me cum later.” She explained, with innocent confidence and honesty.


I had no idea what to say ! Before I could do or say anything, her plump little hands were opening the fly of my pants. “Mmmm...this is going to be lots of fun to ride.” She said, as she pulled out my throbbing cock.


That was when I lost control and squirted five strong arcs of hot, sticky jizz all over the lovely and lucious Daisy ! I was utterly mortified. Never in my life had anything like this EVER happened to me ! Shaking from the intensity of my orgasm, with my cock still seeping cum, I stood in front of Daisy absolutely horrified. “Oh my god ! I'm so sorry !” I apologized.


Daisy just smiled at me. Her adorable plump breasts with their pink nipples were dripping with my jizz, most of the explosion had made contact with her chest because of her position. With a single thick finger, she scooped a copious amount of my jizz from her delicious breast, and sucked it off. “Tastes good.” She mused. “Don't worry lover. We have ALL DAY to play with each other”.


Minutes later Daisy and I stepped into her little studio apartment. It looked much like my college dorm room had, except Daisy clearly had a knack for interior design. She casually kicked off her sandles, but I had to stop her. I dropped to my knees in front of her, just has she had in front of me earlier. “Daisy...” I began, my heart in my throat “...will you please allow me the pleasure of unwrapping you slowly ?”


Daisy laughed, carefree and musical. “But of course.” She purred.


First, I lifted her ankle length patchwork skirt a few inches. Daisy had adorable ankle rolls which suggested to me that I was in for a unique treat of total leg roll heaven. I gently licked the folds of her ankle fat, and tasted the salt on her skin. She had downy fine blonde hair on her legs, and I guessed that she had never been much for shaving her legs. I used the side of my face to slide her skirt further up, almost to her knees, but I had to stop and pace myself. In less than 10 minutes, my cock had grown hugely again, and I certainly didn't want a repeat preformance of my earlier embarrasment ! Instead, I licked and gently stroked Daisy's exposed ankles and calves. “You are a goddess.” I panted, trying to restrain myself. “Please allow me to worship at the temple of your body.”


Daisy reached down, running her fingers through my hair, and sensually caressed my extremely sensitive ears. “You have permission.” She cooed.


Lifting her skirt just above her knees, the sight of Daisy's knee rolls left my glad to be kneeling ! Her knees themselves were extremely chubby, with deeply recessed dimples which I had no choice but to kiss and explore with my tongue. Her knee rolls were exceptional for their roundness and firmness. I explored every fold hungrily with my mouth, and I needed to turn Daisy around to sample the delicate taste of her knee pits. Daisy moaned as I licked, kissed, and careassed the folds of chub that decorated her legs


Kneeling behind Daisy now...I lifted her skirt to reveal most of her thighs from the back. Her legs were slightly apart, and my cock jumped as I admired the copious, extremely plump rolls on her upper thighs. I buried my face in those firm, hot rolls, as I sucked and nibbled on her silky, delicious skin. Daisy moaned in honest, earnest pleasure. “Mmmm...worship your goddes.” She encoraged me.


I needed no encouragement. Tearing myself away from her delicious, corpulent legs...I slipped out of my pants and boxers, and stood with my cock seemingly longer and thicker than I had ever seen it in my life. With some struggle, I was able to rub my throbbing cock inbetween two very large, firm rolls. The sensation was pure ecstasy, and I had to pull away lest I run the risk of exploding again. My hands trembled as I prepared to finish undressing her...she was so ripe and succulent ! Her entire body was like exotic fruit which I knew was to be savored. I took a deep breath, and gently pulled her skirt to the floor.


Daisy had the body of a neolithic goddess. The mound of her lovely pussy was the size of a thin girl's breast, and covered in blonde hair which looked to be the texture of corn silk. Her hips were easily two feet wide, and the flesh there undulated in waves, like rolls on top of rolls. Her belly was firm and deliciously large, just large enough the rest comfortably on the top of her large pussy mound, My breath caught in my throat as I turned to see her ass. It was a work of art ! Each huge, firm cheek was rosy warm and extremely round, mimicking huge breasts. I could see that she had the same blonde corn silk hair growing in the crack of her ass, and I wondered if I could possibly be allowed to taste it. And her belly button was so recessed, I could barely imagine how deep it was ! I had never seen such a lovely pear shape before. I looked up into Daisy's eyes, and saw them burning almost violet with desire. “Shall we retire to the bed ?” She breathed, heavily.


My eyes must have spoken volumes. Daisy stepped out of her skirt, and walked over to the bed, where she reclined on her back. Yet again, I was awed by her body...pleasingly plump on the top, and then impressively large pear on the bottom. I followed her, as if in a trance.


I was eager to make up for my lack of control. As I crawled to her on my hands and knees, Daisy spread her legs to give me the first full view of her enticing pussy. Her pink folds looked so plump, and enticingly wet. Of course...I would have to taste them !


Laying my head on her big, soft yet firm belly, my fingers made their first exploration of her hot, wet folds. Daisy gasped with pleasure at my touch. As I gently worked her large, hard clit with one hand, I explored her tantalizing, wet cavern with my other. Daisy was extremely sensitive. My hand movements had been nothing more than exploration, not really trying to fully pleasure her yet...but Daisy responded by arching her hips to allow for my fingers to penetate deeply, and greater pressure to be applied to her clit. My cock was throbbing and dribbling again, but thanks to my previous release, I felt I would be able to control my orgasm this time. “All day to play...Right, Daisy ?” I purred.


Daisy only moaned and bucked in response.


Tearing myself away from her for a second, I drew back and re arranged myself inbetween her legs. Gently, I spread her pink, thick, meaty lips apart...and admired her beautiful pussy. I fingered her clit lightly, and then took it in my mouth. Daisy nearly screamed, and pitched her hips against my tongue. I worked her large clit with my tongue in a circular motion, applying a medium pressure, and slipped two fingers into her pussy...now beginning to drip in earnest, and giving off a slightly different smell. With a little effort, I was able to slide a third finger into her, and Daisy nearly lost her mind with ecstasy ! “Oh god ! Oh fuck !” Daisy screamed, calm and mellow hippie goddess no more. “YES ! YES ! I'm gonna cum for you !”


With that, I felt a rush of warm liquid in my hand. Daisy's entire body spasmed. For a second, I was worried that she was having a siezure ! When her body finally stopped shaking, she exhaled a deep, body shuddering sigh. Then, she looked at me with lazy, happy, heavily lidded eyes. “You're dripping.” She informed me.

I looked down at my cock, and realized that I was indeed leaking heavy ropes of thick pre cum on the bed. I grinned. “It seems you have an extrodinary effect on me.” I admitted, smiling.

Daisy smiled back, and rolled on to her belly. She raised her large, lovely ass high up in the air, and looked over her shoulder at me. As lovely as I had found the rest of her, the sight of her tight, puckered, brown asshole and her pink dripping pussy from the back inspired lust in me that threatened to steal my sanity. “You shouldn't let all that yummy pre cum go to waste.” Daisy cooed. “I'm sure it would feel good to rub against my asshole.”

I was breathing raggedly now, not exactly capable of words. Every inch of my body tingled with desire. Carefully, I dripped my warm pre cum against her asshole, and rubbed her sweet brown asshole with the head of my cock. The feeling was exquisate. I slipped two fingers inside her dripping pussy, and pulled them out again. I licked her off my fingers greedily, and she moaned. Ever so slowly, Daisy was pushing her hot, tight asshole against the head of my cock. As she did this, ever so slowly, her sweet little asshole was opening up, blooming for me. I had never imagined that anal could be so easy...I had only succeeded in fitting my cock into a girl's ass using a lot of lube and hours of play ! But I should have known Daisy would be different. Shuddering with a feeling of pleasure that was almost madness, I took a breath and pushed the head of my cock into the hottest, tightest asshole I had ever felt. Daisy was already breathing heavily again. “Mmmm...your dick feels so good in my asshole.” Daisy purred. “Would you like to cum in my ass ? Would you like to soak my asshole with your jizz ?”

When I tried to answer Daisy, all that came out was a strangled noise of pleasure. I wasn't capable of speaking. Never in my life had I experienced pleasure like this. Her asshole was perfectly warm, amazingly tight, and maddeningly wet with my pre cum. Unable to resist, I pushed my wildly throbbing cock in deeper. “Do you like how tight my asshole is ? Would you like me to rub my clit so we can cum together ?” Daisy asked, breathing heavily.

“Oh yeah...fuck yeah !” was all I could manage.

Slowly, tantalizingly, Daisy backed up against me until my entire cock was buried in her sweet asshole. Now it was my turn to scream. Sweat stood out on my brow as I struggled for control. I pulled my cock out of her asshole, so that only the head was still inside her. Daisy knew exactly what I as doing. I could feel all her rolls and her chub bouncing exhuberently as she rubbed her clit furiously. “Oh please, please, but it back inside me !” She begged. “Let me cum with your big dick in my ass !”

“Cum with me ! Cum with me Daisy !” I yelled, and pushed my cock back into her asshole, harder than I meant to.

I could feel myself cresting on the height of a wave of pleasure which had previously been unknown to me. Sounds were coming out of my mouth, but no words. I didn't have words for this feeling. Daisy backed up against my cock hard, and white hot fireworks exploded against the backs of my eyes. I threw back my head, and screamed with primal savagery that I didn't know existed inside me...as my cock released load after load of cum inside Daisy's perfect brown asshole. After that, I collapsed on top of her, and wasn't able to move for a few minutes.

At long last, I was able to move, and I cuddled up to her, spent. I even dozed off for a while. I woke up to Daisy gently shaking me. She had two pears in her hand. “Eat up, you'll need your strength.” She said, playfully. “Besides...everybody loves a pear.”


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3 minutes ago, julieunruly said:

I hope you had the chance to enjoy it first :)


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