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I can't wait to get out there again! Lets do this!

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Hey, this a GainingGabi.com, thinking about how I got my start with redhotphatgirlz.com and just reading stuff about what happened in 2014, how could I have missed that! Anyways I know the last several years have been difficult with keeping up with other webmasters and also to keep my site active, have been doing somethings in my life and really not pushing to have content all the time! Anyways I have realized that I want to contunie to model! I hope to be back shooting content and working with new models to get there feet wet, so see if they really want to be a "web" model! Anyways I am really hoping I should be back, *crossing my fingers* by probably Fall 2018. This picture was taken on May, 28, 2018. I hope to be back even more so with a super powerful force of nature! I have had alot of time to think being in and out of the hospital, I went Sepsis in 2017 (Not weight related), then got a blood infection in Jan 2018, then got MRSA Feb 2018, now my incisions and most of the MRSA is healed up! Now just have to wait for everything to close over, I will never have the same clean skin that I once did! As I get stronger and heal so you wont see a ton of different wounds and open sores, so you want I am willing to post pictures from the last 7 months! But I really want to come back and stronger then ever!!! I currently have another blood infection, because of the MRSA, the MRSA is gone, but the infection is now being sent away with Bactrim!

BTW if you are curious who made the lace lingerie, that is KZ's work (KZ bigbabez) in California, thats her home base!

Anyways if you have questions or thoughts or concerns post here or shoot me a private message! Talk to you all soon and thank you so very much for all the support those who have contunie  to show support! Thank you!

Much Love,



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Hey Gabi, nice to see. Take care of your life first. The web modeling can wait. We'll  still be here.

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