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Ms.Fat Booty

Bigcutie Msfatbooty - Feedee Date

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Have you ever seen a piece of clothing that just screams feed me? I sure have and I made sure to buy it! It’s the tightest, clingiest, striped dress. I knew it was going to be snug when I bought it, but I was so shocked when I actually tried it on. It hugged every single curve and showed off every roll and dimple. I looked so unbelievably sexy! I knew this wasn’t a work appropriate dress, so I started to thinking about where I could wear it.


Obviously the right answer was to wear this dress on a date with a feeder! Who wouldn’t love to watch me stuff myself silly wearing this already impossibly tight dress? I have the perfect date in mind too. I know exactly where we’ll go and how much I’ll eat and how much my date would encourage me to eat after I said I couldn’t have another bite!


Fingers crossed this date can happen for me sometime soon before I outgrow this dress and have to buy a brand new Feed Me dress!


Wiggles and jiggles,







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