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Ms.Fat Booty

Bigcutie Msfatbooty - Seating Struggle

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I love staying in different hotel rooms and sleeping in big comfy beds and relaxing on cozy couches. It’s so important to have a nice place to take a seat when you’re working! Now the hotel in this set is once I’ve been at a few times now. It’s a really great place to shoot and close to my home, and of course has a free breakfast buffet! What’s not to love?


Well, this last stay I realized just how uncomfortable the seating has become for me. It goes without saying that the fatter I get, the less places my big butt will fit, and I definitely learned that with this stay. The video portion of this update shows you how hard it is for me to get up from such a low couch, how I can barely fit in the desk chair, and how high the bed is! But at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than just stripping down to a cute pair of matching lingerie and posing all over the kinda high bed.


I felt so sexy showing off every roll and curve and dimple, knowing that I was just taking up more and more space of this queen sized bed. Pretty soon I’m going to have to upgrade to a bigger bed. This queen sized SSBBW just keeps on getting bigger! 



Wiggles and jiggles,






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