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Like any girl, I have my own getting-ready routine, and I’m going to give you a sneak peek!

Watch me as my belly hangs over the sink while I apply makeup and add a bit of sparkle and color to my pretty face! I’ll add the final touch of pink lipstick for some sweet, kissable lips. Then I’ll slip on one of my signature floral dresses and head out for a great night!!



See this set and more at http://ruby.bigcuties.com/

Free BigCuties blog at http://bigcuties.com/blog/

Follow me on tumblr! https://bigcutieruby.tumblr.com/


Edited by BigCutieRuby

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Gorgeous belly "so you think you control..." Curious about the rest of the tattoo's text


lol, it says "so you think you can tell" - a pink floyd quote! i only have 3 other tattoos, but hopefully many more to come


thank you! :* 

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