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When I was a kid my dad split on me and my mom and brother and resurfaced years later when I was just out of high school, remarried. His new wife and he had a daughter about five years younger than me and she had a stepsister from her mother's previous marriage that was older than me by a few months. Apparently husband number one was dead or some such and they all lived together and so on. Even when my dad was gone to who knows where, we still went to his parents for the  Sunday dinner Norman Rockwell thing. His own family didn't know where he was, they said, notorious drunken him. By the time he showed up again, having been living on the west coast and we on the east, my mom was remarried too and her husband was really father to my brother and I.


Anyway, we would see dad and his new family at his folks and I hit it off with the stepsister, Lauren. She and I were no relation but sort of distant sort of brother and sister and we joked a lot about it. We both liked similar music and books and I was really into what would later become known as ultralight backpacking and got her into it as well. She had been away to college for her freshman year and decided she preferred to stay closer to home so we saw a lot of each other while I was on delayed entry for the service. I would do a lot of long distance solo backpacking and Lauren started coming on training hikes with me and eventually overnight trips.


I was almost 19 by the time I went to boot camp so I must have just turned 18 at this time and like I said, Lauren was a bit older. I was the height I will always be until age makes me shrink, 5'8" and very wiry from all the backpacking and the running I was doing to get ready for The Marines. I always wanted to be taller until the first time, years later, I got shot at but that's a whole different story. Lauren was 5'5" and I later found out that she tipped the scales at about the same weight as me, one-sixty. She was way curvy, something I already knew I liked, with short, pixie cut brunette hair and blue eyes. Her dad had been of Cuban descent and her mom, my stepmonster, was German so Lauren got her blue eyes but her dad's mellow tan skin. She was curvy and had firm flesh, a big butt and decent sized but not enormous tits. Her little tummy was round and solid. Her legs drove me crazy. On one of the first hikes I took her on I let her take the lead because my pace would have left her in the dust. I packed a small daypack for her with water and extra socks and some snacks, light rain gear, and it rode on her back above the shortest khaki ass huggers. Her cheeks were showing more and more as we walked and chatted and the sweat on her back and ass was admittedly turning me on. Her legs! Solid thighs and curvy calves and by the way, short shorts, great legs and ankle high boots with knee socks are hot.


When we got to know each other she told me she had played four years of field hockey and those legs showed it. I remember it was July and pretty hot and we walked a path I had chosen for the woodland shade. Every hour we stopped for water and watching her chug from a Nalgene bottle while water rushed out and over her cheeks onto her tee shirt and tits was pretty sweet too. We did a lot of off color joking around all the time when we were alone and she spit some water at me and I at her.


At the top of our hike, the turnaround point, there was a clear lake that I had told her we'd get to and have lunch. It was hot as ever and about two in the afternoon so when we got up there I laid out a ground cloth in the shade and we took off our packs and boots. I made sure Lauren changed out of her wet socks, blisters being a possibility, and we wiggled our toes in the sun and ate the hard sausage, cheese and crackers I've always considered the best trail lunch with cold iced tea and apple slices with peanut butter for dessert.


Sitting in the shade with our packs to lean on and resting she remarked that the water looked inviting. I got up and peeled off my capilene tee shirt and tossed it on my pack. I've tried to never be vain but knew with all my working out I looked better than I ever had. Before I lost it at the end of my service through hereditary male pattern balding and the helmet wearing it down, I had a pretty good head of jet-black hair and ice blue eyes like the old man. There wasn't an ounce of fat on me and not a hair on my chest either.


I ran to the rock outcropping and slid my shorts off and in just my plaid boxers, turned and dove in, the cold water a shock but a pleasurable one. I surfaced a few feet out and turned back. Lauren was on the rock, pulling her tee shirt off and throwing it behind her. She was wearing a white sports bra and I could see how sweaty it was, her nipples poking out. I was treading water kind of mesmerized as she unbuttoned her shorts and my heart stuck in my throat. Wiggling her hips side to side she slid her sweaty shorts off and laid them flat on the rock. Her white cotton panties showed dark over her bush and were plastered on like a second skin. Her fat pussy was visible just below that tantalizing dark patch. She grinned at me and dove in after me, surfacing nearly next to me and spitting a long stream of cold lake water in my face, laughing delightedly.


It was on! We splashed each other and spit water and ducked each other under, me getting more excited by the minute as we were skin to skin for the first time. We had hugged a hello or goodbye as we got closer but this was different. After a few minutes we were really getting crazy when she seemed to tense up and told me she was getting a cramp. Boy Scout that I was I swam behind her and slid my right arm under her breasts and started sidestroking back to shore. She seemed to snuggle into me and I felt hot warmth all through me. Her hair was against my face and the curve of her neck and I could feel her heartbeat and her breathing. At the rocks I helped her up and we moved back to the ground sheet.


I helped her sit down and pulled one of the towels from my larger pack and she wrapped in it while I rubbed her thigh and calf, thinking only of her pain and not her hot ass. When she told me it was better I looked up into those eyes and she was smiling in her quirky way. I was happy to see her feeling better and she pointed a goose pimpled arm from under the towel and told me my dick was hanging out the fly of my shorts. I was actually mortified and stood up fast and tuned around. She said my name and I turned back.


She was laid against her pack, arms out, legs open on the ground sheet, she was looking up at me and her chest was heaving. She told me she thought she needed some mouth to mouth. I swallowed and my dick started to swell. She was quiet and very serious, telling me that it wouldn't do to have her expire after that rescue and she knew we were sort of related but she had the hots for me from day one and if I didn't it was okay I could forget about it. I was on my knees before she could say another word, straddling her thigh my arm on either side of her and she grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to hers. As we kissed out tongues drove into each other's mouths and she arched her back, locking her thighs to mine and grinding herself against me. My cock was instantly hard. Her mouth was small and her tongue was so hard and hot. Her hands were on my side, my chest, my ass. She was trying to get my shorts off.


I had to stop her. We were at the top of the trailhead and as much as I wanted to fuck my stepsister there and then, we moved all our gear into the woods further to a more secluded spot. I got the ground sheet arranged and we tore our scant clothes off and she pushed me down on my back and straddled me, teasingly rubbing her big ass on my straining dick as we kissed and I played with her B cup tits, firm with little brown nipples. I noted a couple things despite my excitement. Lauren had no tan lines and there was a tattoo of a giant squid on her flank, hauling a broken little ship into the depths.






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So at long last I am back.


She rode me hard, her pussy was lightly haired and soft and wonderful and OH MY GOD! so very fucking tight. It was a wonder we managed to hold out and she was cummin in seconds and I strained to not. I rolled her off of me and buried my face in her pussy and lapped her ass and she kept from bellowing by sucking my cock and balls. It was a real frenzy. Crazy, hot sex, in the hot air. She was delicious and we licked, kissed, probed and lapped everywhere. I licked her sweaty armpits and sherimmed me, hard. I came onnher face, her tits and her ass (ah, to be young again!) and she rode my face and cock, cumming even as she sucked me and fingered herself.


It was dark when we got off the mountain and having no one to report to, got a motel and a pizza, showered and started all over again intheair conditioning......

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Saw her over this past Christmas back in the northeast after a great many years apart and she acted very cold and distant. She's married to a real career driven asshole and has four kids and thanks to bariatric surgery looks like a walking cadaver. C est la vie.

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