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My First Time

Plumper Virgin Oral Sex

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Posted 01 April 2016 - 10:56 PM

I was at a family wedding and had had a few glasses of wine n champagne, to be honest I was as we say 'bladdered', my dad's friend David, about 45yo offered to take me home so as not to spoil the party for the others, I ended up in his car half awake and he stopped in a lay-by asked if I was ok? then he told me I was a beautiful girl n really sexy in my white silk blouse n grey skirt, a real hottie as he put it, then he leant over and kissed me on the mouth, half conscious I kissed him back.


 I sort of remember him pawing my tits and then he put my hand on his lap and said , suck me babe...I felt his stiff cock and being both drunk and now aroused I unzipped him and let it out. It was the first hard dick I had seen ...it looked huge though now I know he was just average , he pulled my head down and my mouth covered it, not sure what to do I sucked then he pushed my head down and fucked my mouth in a fierce rhythm. Soon I felt him tense and his warm salty spunk shot in my mouth, I tried to spit it out but he pushed my head back down till he finished, I gagged as the thick warm liquid filled my mouth and throat.


He looked at me, my face splattered with his spunk, dribbling down my chin, two splashes on my silk blouse. He adjusted his trousers, gave me a tissue and a ten pound note, said good girl, asked me not to say anything to dad then drove me home, as a teenage virgin who had just had her first taste of spunk..


 I was still pretty drunk when we got to my home and he helped me upstairs to my bedroom, undressing me. He undid my blouse staring at my black lace bra, " Just gorgeous," he purred, his hand releasing my skirt and slipping off my knickers. Then, pushing me face first onto the bed, I heard him unzipping and soon felt his cock pressing against my virgin pussy. "Now be a good girl, relax", he said as he tried again to push inside me, suddenly I felt him enter me, pain rushed through my woozy brain.


Over the next ten minutes he fucked me hard and fast, his cock inching further into me as he stretched my cunt more and more, Having cum in my mouth not long before his stamina was refreshed as he fucked me relentlessly. Suddenly without warning a warm feeling rushed through me as I had my first orgasm through fucking, he seemed to be more turned on by this and drove into me even harder, another orgasm rushed through me.


 I felt him pull out and his stiff cock moved towards my ass hole, "N..No", I cried, his coarse fingers pushed into me, he spat onto his hand to try and lube my hole, but no matter how much he tried he couldn't enter my tight ass.Twice more he attempted to breach my puckered asshole, twice more it tensed to refuse him access, "Fucking tight little bitch!" he muttered as he gave up and plunged back into my cunt, pounding me even harder,


 I felt his cock tense inside me then six or seven huge spurts of spunk hit my womb, he slowed his movements, "Fucking Hell girl you're going to make so many people so happy!" He dressed quickly, I noticed him pick up my panties and stuff them in his pocket, "just a memento!"


 He laughed, "Remember babe no words to anyone, we are boyfriend and girlfriend now OK?" I turned over and shyly nodded, "now you get your PJs on and get some sleep, I'll be in touch!"

Saying that he left, I looked between my legs at the blood smeared, spunky mess, I cleaned myself with some tissues and got my pyjamas on, so tired I cried myself slowly to sleep, wishing the ache between my legs was only a bad dream.

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Posted 30 December 2016 - 03:27 PM

Nice story, I'd love to treat you the same way xx

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