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Loving Fat Women

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#1 funkfat



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Posted 17 August 2015 - 04:56 AM

Loving fat women feels like something that is inate or born with , not learned. Society is telling you to stay away from big women and yet  my true nature shines through and wont allow other people to paint my picture canvas of what or how i precieve beauty in the world. As a teenager in highschool   my first date with a fat girl occured. I bought her some flowers and gave it to her after school ended. No harm in this right? of course not , but i recieved judgement , rude comments like " your just seeing her cause you wanna use her to fuck her" , they could'nt compute why i would wanna hang out with a girl like this.The girl was cute, and she was nice to me, whats the big deal? It didnt stop me from liking fat girls, the opposite happened, my desire  grew. As i got older i had my first sexual experience with a girl with big round coconut boobs, big bubble butt round ass, and a plush soft belly. Today im married to a fat women ,still enjoying her big boobs smothering my face, getting lost in her big body in heaven, and im thinking to myself man alot of guys are missing out on the warmth, cuddley soft fat curvy lucious body of a big fat women, its very satisfiing. I feel like i discovered an island with fat Goddess that i get to admire and honor, while everyone else on the mainland is caught up in a narrow box of one size fits all mentality.

I was taking city transit one day and a funky fat women was dressed in a beautiful amazing dress that clung to her body, swaying, gracefull movements with a slight jiggle, when she walked it floored me! i was like thinking is anybody else seeing this? Like how is this bus not pulling over right now and applauding her with a standing ovation bringing her like a drink or something. I had to muster every ounce of strengh to not stare, i just looked briefly, im only human, have mercy . I appreciate that i witnessed a rare gem of a confident classy big women! Too many Plus size women out there dont see what i see,  beauty, love, and sexyness.


So to all the fat girls, fat chicks, fat Goddesses, fat big ass jiggley plus size queen sized ladies, remmember what guys like me see, we are amazed of your thick thighs, in awe of your fat ass, we love to feel your rolls when your on top, you look great in that outfit, let us enjoy your company. And most important is your personality and attitude that brings everything together into a complete premium package.


Modern day future venus of willendorf belly dances towards me and i embrace her , kiss her big body.





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#2 Footluv777



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Posted 05 February 2017 - 10:00 PM

I could not have said it better.
I feel the same as you.
Ben are the best I don't even really look at skinny women they really don't do anything for me.

#3 Guest_Big Sandra Gaitan_*

Guest_Big Sandra Gaitan_*
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Posted A week ago

Being a plus-sized 300 pound colombian middle-aged female, the only problem was being fake married to an effeminine old colombian male with a small penis, erectile dysfunction, and a minute male—whose penis was too small to have sex with. Half the wasn’t even aware of the sex as it was happening.

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