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Can You Balance Things On Your Bum?

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It has always been a dream of mine to have a butt big enough that I can balance things on it while I'm standing. Can any of you ladies do that? If so, what's the craziest thing you've been able to balance on your booty? I met a girl once who could do it with a bowl of cereal which I find incredible. I'd be happy just to balance an action figure or something small!

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I have a massive shelf and can balance some things. Not quite a bowl of cereal yet though :p

My ex boyfriend's dog would rest his paws on it when he jumped up, it was cute!

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My big booty shelf usually knocks things over LOL!


No shit, one time I bent over in my kitchen to grab something off the floor, and I managed to turn the stove on with my ass. The sad thing is I don't even have an ass and I still managed this. Truly an amazing feat.   :wacko:


But no, I can't balance anything on there. Ms. Flat Booty here.  :cray:

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I have a friend whom her bottom range usually between small (yet moderably wide, due to her hips) yet bouncy to moderably bouncier (and wider) most days.

This is plausibly because of a combination of bottom-hourglass oriented body weight distribution, of genetic benefices -- as her cousin has a pretty big bottom for someone so athletic-looking and slim, then suspected her to share each other that common gene -- and most importantly significant weight gain while having still somehow retained the results of glutes-oriented home workout years later whereas working into a physically-requiering job in the meantime, but she got quite plump nearly two years earlier. 

She was far yet from looking portly to the upper half (besides her Triple D size hooters, softer upper arms, puffy face, little goblet chin, chubby ribs and lesser waist-defined soft midriff starting to curve out onwards) , however I couldn't tell the same thing about the bottom half: at 170s or more pounds for a nearly five foot eight tall woman, her hips went up from moderably wide to ample with nearly 46" width (so that I could feel the uppest end of her hip brush against my flank when sitting next to each other on a train bench, in spite her not-so-subtle attempts to space out a little from me... in vain), her legs turned so chunky and less toned that she lost the gap between the upper part of her inner thighs and started to brush a little to each other, the fabric of outgrown Size-12 jeans has stressing so much against her flesh (and that was a miracle that she kept working then walking the whole day with those without ever rip 'em apart) that you may catch sight to the creases of that stammering cellulite alike forming ride breeches' bulges all riding up below the near-noteworthy both color and outlines of her panties which couldn't barely cover at first glimpe half of these moundful, hefty cheeks protuding out like a shelf behind her.

In spite pretending at this moment -- and still time at times, one year earlier -- have never remarked her over-40-or-more pounds weight gain nor how she truly outclassed her sibling' already bottom-heavy asset, the change get a certain toll unto her both body balance and mobility: she passed from rarely-to-never has displaying any sustained sign of exhaustion besides after-work -- wherein even after that, was prolly to engage with me to competitive stairs climbings and two-mile walkings, to being the one trying to hide from others when she caught a little her breath after a three-story jog-climbing on stairs. Her then-stalking impetus tended to already turn into an ambling gait whenever she had to bypass the 140-lbs milestone, but at some point there occured that the somehow ponderously swaying hips she momentarily developped looked less like a lascivious swing of the baby-carrying headquarters and more like something closer to a booty-shaking waddle.Then the point that most of the turnstiles at the different Montreal-based subway stations are 500 millimeters wide doesn't help when you get closer to gone stuck in-between, so she had to bump a little back-and-forth through it. 

But in spite all of those details, the only moment I've succeed that day to made her realize how fuller-figured and bottom-heavy she became was when I furtively pulled up a styrofoam cup atop her dash then teasingly asked her to look behind her... XD After that, she was less reluctant to deny the bluntness of her expanding curves for a long, so that before to leave, I mockerously yelled behind her to be careful about not getting stuck inside the turnstile with her big derriere, to what she teasingly counter-replied with a flirtatious catwalking before to spank loudly her billowy rear cheeks with both hands... it lasted three seconds before they've stopped to jiggle back-and-forth of their own.

Just to give to anyone a clear idea about her buttocks size changes from 130-40 pounds to her heaviest, here a Deviantart board picture below (from R.-A.-Lv2/Lv3 to the uppest end of the same rank, Lv5) :


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