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I'm only back here because I just can't resist the chance to be a misandrist. ;)


Oh honey. Just stop trying. We've figured out that you're a troll (especially since you're playing the misandry card), or at the very least not worth arguing with. Although, to be honest, if you were actually a men's rights activists I'd just have to laugh waaaaay harder at everything you said, because suddenly your ass backwards views would totally make sense.


Funny that you think I'm a lesbian just because I think you're an ass, though. I like how so many men automatically jump to that conclusion.


But thank you for giving me an excuse to break out some misandry gifs!












Although, I'm gonna have to go with my favorite gifset for last:







You really do lack self control. That's pathetic.


I'm not a men's rights advocate because men don't need advocates. Your straw man argument just failed.


The thing about you man haters is just how pathetic you girls are. You think that men reject you because you are fat when in reality they reject you because of your personality and attitude. It is much easier to change your body type than it is your personality esepecially when one as the cluster of personality disorders that you present with. Unfortunately women with personality disorders like yours are therapy resistant. You would be wise to learn about Dr Tara and her take on Cluster B women like you.

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Yes you are a lost cause in thearpy and you have succeeded on choking on your own shit. Congratulations.

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My lord who in the fuck is this fucking douchebag?! I'm literally sick to my stomach reading this "man's" diatribes! Lets just ignore this troll and hope and pray that he crawls into a hole and goes away only to never return! I've had about enough of this losers opinions on BBWS! Who in the blue hell died and made him god then! Ok my rant is over for now ok?!

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None of you can point to anything specific that I said that is not correct. That's because you are anti science and anti reality.


It's a medical fact that a lot of you fat girls get intractable yeast infection that not only effect your crotches but they infect your fat folds. Not only do these infections get you girls bitchin cause they're itching but they become systemic and cause sepsis which damages the brain.


Here is a list and a link that may explain the behavior of you girls.


Emotional and Mental:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Disorientation
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Feelings of unreality
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Hyperactivity
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Low energy
  • Mental confusion
  • MS
  • Nervousness
  • Poor memory.

How Yeast Infections Can Make Fat Girls Psychotic

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My lord who in the fuck is this fucking douchebag?! I'm literally sick to my stomach reading this "man's" diatribes! Lets just ignore this troll and hope and pray that he crawls into a hole and goes away only to never return! I've had about enough of this losers opinions on BBWS! Who in the blue hell died and made him god then! Ok my rant is over for now ok?!


BBW is such an egoistic and Narcissitic term. Normal women don't call themselves Slender Beautiful Women or Thin Beautiful Women. That is why those of us in the new fat acceptance have discarded the terms BBW and SSBBW and replaced it with SOW Sexy Obese Woman.  On search BBW returns porn so the term has become a pejortive. Much like slut or tramp. Sure, a lot of fat girls are sluts and have a very high rate of STDs and unwanted pregnancies but it is not fair to the fat girls who are lady like to use the term BBW to describe them.


Read more about why fat girls are sluts here.


Here is another article that proves FAT GIRLS are SLUTS!


Some may think tht being a food slut and a sex slut is a bad thing but not those of us in the new fat acceptance. We encourage promiscuity and gluttony because who's not happy when they are eating and fucking??!!


Fat girls do not have low "self-esteem" and they are far more sluttish than skinny women.


This is important because

the ole girls NAAFA network would like you to believe that fat females

suffer from low self esteem and poor body image. Clearly this is NOT

the case. Other data shows that fat girls are far more promiscuous.


About a couple weeks ago, you might have heard about a study out of the University of Hawaii that found overweight and obese women (BMI>25) had ‘more sex’ than normal-weighted ones. The study was all over the news because it challenged what we would generally believe – after all, ‘skinny’ women are hotter, so they should have more sex.



study surveyed over 7,000 women aged 15-44 about their sexual habits,

and a higher percentage of the larger women reported having had sex.

The researchers admitted they

were surprised. “These results were unexpected and we don’t really

know why this is the case,†said lead researcher Dr Bliss Kaneshiro.



you bring together the two parts, it seems obvious why overweight and

obese women would have more sex. Because of a lack of impulse

control, the hefty ladies are more likely to say ‘yes’ to a man’s




The study had surveyed about 7000 women aged 16-44 about their sexual habits and women who had a higher BMI (body mass index) reportedly

had more sex then women that fell in a normal BMI index. The people

conducting the survey found the results to be surprising and

unexpected. Tell that to a million dollar porn industry solely based on BBW‘s.


According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, people who are obese are less likely to have been sexually active in the past year, but surprisingly, they're more likely than people with an average body weight to have sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. I'm no rocket scientist, but something tells me those are the results of not practicing safe sex.



in France surveyed 12,364 men and women between the ages of 18 and

69. Half of the participants were in the normal weight range, while

the rest were overweight or obese. The survey showed that obese women

were 30 percent less likely to have had sex at all in the past year,

while obese men were 70 percent less likely to have had more than one

sexual partner.



presented at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

58th Annual Clinical Meeting last month backs up these findings. Data

from the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows that obese and overweight adolescent girls are less likely to use condoms or other birth control methods.


Impulsiveness, the very thing that makes fat girls sluts is the reason they go down like submarines. Food sluts are sluts. Chalk it up to high self-esteem. Past research has showed that obesity is related to poor body image,

which now has been proven to be bunk. High-risk sexual behavior, like

unsafe sex shows that the same lack on inhibitions that makes fat girls

fat and gluttonous make them more promiscuous. And it's not just

women. The survey also showed that obese men were much more apt to

have had an STD, despite fewer sexual partners. Fat guys don't get laid





Comment by Fat Bastard:


Boom shakka lakka that yeasty gash
Boom shakka lakka got a funky rash
Boom shakka lakka whatcha gonna do?
Eat bite fuck suck gobble nibble chew.

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I don't even know where to start. First off I don't have a said degree like you claim to have, In fact I on have a GED and I know how to spell bologna. Second eating food isn't the only way to get fat. My buddy in the past 6 months went from being 160 to 220 lbs because daily on top of eating 2000 calories he drinks 2-3 40 oz bottes of malt liquor and splits a 6 pack of beer with his girl friend.

Second off If you do really have a degree in physics, you know nothing about nutrition which is the sole thing to gaining and loosing weight. So what ever you were babbling about holds very little water when comes to the subject.

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stop copy and pasting link and picture filled content that's NOT allowed to be posted in this section or on the forum.

you are NOT allowed to post copyright picture content on here nor are you allowed as a standard member allowed to post links to adult sites/forums etc in this section.

so if you wish to say something stop copy and pasting it and say it in your own words or edit it to remove the links and pictures.

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Actually you are wrong the less food you eat the more your body stores it as it thinks its in starvation mode and will conserve the food energy you take in and convert it into fat cells to burn off between not eating.

If the food you are eating when you do is not salads and steamed fish the fat cells are more.


Are YOU even a fat person?


As a female who was mostly 330lbs for 15 years then went right up to 425lbs now down to 225lbs I can assure you not eating all day every day will infact make gain weight.

Been there done that got the videos of my weight changes over the years to prove it.


You missing the point. Fat people love to eat and unforunately to many of them feel guilty for their greedy gluttonous ways. In order to be fat you have to EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT. In order to EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT you have to be a glutton but too many people with puritanical beliefs judge gluttons and try to shame them.  All fat people are gluttons and gluttony is good thing. It is the purest form of self love.


Come now, this denial of the immutable laws of physics regarding calories is the reason the fat acceptance movement has stalled. Gluttony denial is indeed fat hatred.


The fact is the most weight that a sedentary  woman can maintain on 2000 calories is 140 lbs. It takes 4000 a day to maintain 280. These are the cold hard facts. When you girls make outrageous statement like you barely eat and are still obese it makes the whole movement look stupid. In fact it is so stupid that the fatosphere has less than 10,000 members in the US and well over 200 MILLION Americans are fat or obese. Even fat people know that it is ridiculous.

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And this is EXACTLY why NAAFA doesn't want to be associated with people like you. This isn't about helping fat people; this is about feeding your own desire to watch fat people get fatter. This is the fetish bullshit I was talking about; totally takes the people out of the equation and turns it into purely carnal desires. The fat acceptance community was smart to distance itself from this shit; it's all about your fucking boners and how much you love watching fat women eat, and if not everyone wants to be associated with your sexual niche then you get pissed off and denounce them. You only care about fat people if it means you can get off on it; you don't care about helping them.


And for the record, not all fat people are fat because they gorge themselves. Half the reason I don't get feederism is because I can barely finish a double meat double cheese burger and fries, and even then I'm completely stuffed for hours. I don't understand how people can eat that much, or enjoy being that stuffed. If they enjoy it, more power to 'em! But not every fat person eats like that, and not all fat people want to be associated with that image.

I don't even need to read or go farther on this... this has said it all and perfectly. And the one line that was mentioned 'not all fat people are fat because they gorge themselves' is right down to the basics of it all! I'm not saying that I myself do not indulge here and there but most of my weight has an underlying NONE WEIGHT RELATED issue. Slowly I found what it was and have changed what I needed to change and wouldn't you know it, I've lost almost 60pounds due to it.


Kudos to the poster I quoted (I know who you are but blah, you know I'm shit with spelling/remembering names LOL)

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OP, You really have some issues.


I personally like larger ladies for my own selfish reasons (They just feel nicer)


When I was younger I could never gain weight, now as an older man I can only

eat a fraction of what I ate as a young man and I still struggle to loose weight.


Then I have a sister who actually cannot gain weight and is almost sickly

due to it.  If she ate the small portions I did she would die of malnutrition.

and I could never eat the amount that she eats in a meal.



So there is a lot more than just eating and activity

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What the holy hell . .  .I'm not even gonna finish reading the rest of whatever this jack ass has had to say,   I will say this much, HEALTH is a big factor, not every 350lb girl out there over eats or even eats the wrong types of food, some of us have metabolism problems, some have thyroid conditions, and SOME OF US manage to loose 115lbs without changing a damn thing about the way we eat simply by taking a medication that forces our bodies to properly break down what we take in.  I am now and always have been a very proud BBW, but I can assure you when I was in my teens and having rocks thrown at me because I was the fat kid if it really was as simple as eating less, don't you think I would have.  ROCKS HURT DAMMIT.  I love my body and my curves now, and I have no active desired to "work" on changing it, however . . .  more power to the feedees out there who fall into the sterio type and are proud to do so, but I can most certainly assure you that I personally eat 2 small portioned meals a day and one healthy snack while indulging in a sweet snack only on average once a week, I don't eat allot of fat or grease, and I do't take in more then 2000 calories a day MAX . . .and yet here we are having an argument with an idiot who thinks all fat girls sit around stuffing their faces with cheese burgers and pizzas all day long . . . . .sighhhh  idiots

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Oh gods.... I thought this cunt had given up.


Tell me, Mister Cunt... what the FUCK are you trying to achieve? Surely you're not expecting to be taken seriously! XxX

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   Hi all,  just  stopping by to let you know what your dealing with.


   This ass-hat is probably one of the most dedicated  trolls you'll have the annoyance of running into. As  you can tell. he's OBSESSED with  obesity, and believe that he ALONE has the answer to cure the fatness- just  shame  them into submission and automatic  hotness, leaving more   hot men and women walking around for  aesthetic enjoyment  and suitable breeding o_O


 The boards that have been successful  at getting rid of him resorted to censorship rather than banning. Banning just made him create  more sock puppets and return, while   either locking or deleting his posts  left him without the attention he was after. 


It's  pretty funny  that he mentions Ayn  Rand- he's as convinced as any of  her characters  just how right he is  :licky:

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I banned him anyway so there will be no more of that crazy shit!

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