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Anyone Wanna Review My Site?

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Wow! You've got a winner there! Saw some sweet succulent boobs, booty and belly that are just the way I like them! Your curly head giving head is worthy of my complete admiration! Good luck!

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Hey Bambi Honey,

                               I noticed that it has been almost a year since you added clips to your store, Which maybe why you not sold much lately! You can see that because your box with our top selling clips is empty, so been 3 months or more since you had a sale.


                                Ive been in the biz for over 12 years plus now  I know if i dont add new stuff with regularity, views and sales drop really fast ! Clips 4 sale has so many gals putting new clips in their Store, every Day so though you were new at one time there are new gals joining up every day ! The ones that Last work hard to get the biz. !


                               So even if your the most beautiful Gal big or small in this world, if you dont get exposure you wont sell any thing !  So Start adding and you sure to sell more and advertise on the forum  !  Nothing Wrong with your site or you per say, just lots of Sexy BBw are in competition for the money and the latest video gets the views ! if you want it Make new videos and add them every day ! Good luck!

Edited by NurseVicki

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Hey Boys...as always..love hearing from you ;)


NurseVici thanks for the advice but the reason i haven't had a sale in over a year is cause i only just reactivated my adjoin after taking it down for personal reasons.. I'm planning a bunch of nsw content that will here coming soon...but yeah...I'm not really in out for the money...more for the fun, the celebrating of my curves and the ego stroking :) Altho on the rarity anyone actually pays to buy one of my clips, it's a massive turn on! ...with all the competition and the fact that a lot of cheap Bastards simply refuse to pay for porn, when someone does buy one of my clips, i feel Soooo special and sexy :)

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