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    SSBBW Bombshell Love
  • Birthday August 9


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    U.S. Army Retired.Live alone me & my cat.Very clean.Love to shop.Attend old car shows.Would love to meet a SSBBW on hear.Weight 300-600 lbs or more


  • Biography
    I am a white male about 5ft 8inches tall.I am not married & don't smoke or drink. Would love to meet a lovely BBW/SSBBW Can weigh from 375 to 500 plus pounds or more
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    5ft 8.5inches
  • Books
    Gone with the wind
  • Weight
    Was 277 Now 314
  • My interests
    Old car shows.Big Beautiful Women etc
  • Sex
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    White / Caucasian
  • Smoker
  • Drink Alcohol?
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    Sci-Fi,Action,Drama,Adult,Porn,Rated XXX
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    Oldies,70's & 80's Disco

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  1. Wildman99

    Jessica Lust & Sofia Rose

    I'd love to deepthroat bot girls
  2. Wildman99

    PorcelainFox - Juicy Fat Details!

  3. I just missed you & would love tto meet you
  4. I am still looking for that sexy hot fat bombshell .Is any lady available?

  5. Wildman99

    WOW 10 YEARS NOW!!!

    It's great to see this site is still running after 10 yeras I agree
  6. I am so very glad to see you back.
  7. Thank you so much for the follow! Have a great weekend! Peace

    1. Wildman99


      Your very welcome my dear.I am still lonely & would love to met a gorgeous lady  like you or if not  available do you konow of a SSBBW or a BBW taht  weighs from 350 to 500 plu pounds/ Much love & respect

  8. Wildman99

    SSBBW Goddess Ava Huge Double Update

    Wow! your one sexy hot true SSBBW Goddness.Love your thickness.Are you available? Love to meet a woman like you.
  9. Wildman99

    PorcelainFox - Fat Fantasy

    Your one sexy hot Bombshell I'd love to meet
  10. Wildman99

    PorcelainFox - Blonde Bombshell

    Love to feed you & watch you grow.
  11. ILove join both of you.Remember bigger girls have more curves & make better lovers So much more to love
  12. Wildman99

    Big Cutie Trysta ~ Tickled Pink

    Really love your thickness
  13. Wildman99

    PorcelainFox - Blonde Bombshell

    LLove every inch of you.A true SSBBW Godness
  14. Love your thickness