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    I've been featured in the BBC documentary Fat For Cash, UK magazine That's Life! 2014 Christmas edition, & in MTV's True Life: I Have A Feeding Fetish.


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    I'm a supersized feedee who's on her way to weighing a quarter of a ton! I'm also a smart and sarcastic gamer gal with a dark sense of humor.
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    Foxborough, MA
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    The Invention of Everything Else, Riptide, Mount Dragon, The Ice Limit, Thunderhead, Pendergast Series 1-10, The Codex, Blasphemy, Utopia, Death Match, Deep Storm, Terminal Freeze
  • My interests
    feedism, body positivity movement, videogames, the horror genre, movies, tv, music, makeup, alternative clothing & accessories, fatshion
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    White / Caucasian
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    Bram Stoker's Dracula, Digging Up the Marrow, Dracula Untold, Eden Lake, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Rest Stop 1 & 2, Wolf Creek 1 & 2, Saw 1-5
  • Music
    proto-punk, punk, indie-pop, elctro-pop, ebm, synth-pop, industrial

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  1. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Morbid Feeders Want You Bed Bound Featuring: Kenna Blake Did you think that your gain would go unnoticed? It hasn’t. Don’t worry piglet we’re not mad at you. Quite the opposite actually, we’ve decided that we’re going to embrace your gluttonous behavior. We’re going to enable you to become the hog that you long to be. We’re going to make sure that you grow super-super obese. We’re not going to stop there either. We’re going to feed you until you’re immobile. We’re going to make your body swell with fat so quickly that it won’t be able to keep up. You’ll be imprisoned by your gluttony. Hog unable to do anything but eat himself further into oblivion. That’s what you secretly want isn’t it fatty? https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21786475
  2. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Fat Chat & Snacks with ReenayeOne doesn't get to be super-super obese by simply over indulging. To do so one must have a dedication to eating that goes beyond normal hunger. A feedee that aspires to be super-super sized must be more pig than woman; mindless livestock driven to consume and grow ever fatter. For sows like us a half of a container of cookies and a bottle of sweet tea is a very light snack. Just enough to wet the appetite.https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21779331
  3. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Stuffing Myself Then Masturbating What can I say? I’m a pig. There’s little more I love in this life than food. Just the aroma of my food is enough to make my panties get moist. In this clip watch as I gorge myself on calorie laden food with no regard for the consequences. Each bite making my ill fitting panties more wet. My stomach stretched taunt under the thick layer of blubber that engulfs my body. Bloated and breathless I attempt to move my cumbersome body into a position where I can masturbate. It seems like every day it’s getting harder to reach my pussy. I sluggishly move the dildo in and out of my slick cunt. I should be on the verge of cumming but I just can’t seem to get there. I grab some lava cakes off of the dresser and greedily shove them in my mouth. It seems like a sow like me needs to be being feed to be able to cum. Just as a perfectly conditioned pig should. https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21746875
  4. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Inspecting My Knee & Elbow Fat As my body continues to swell with fat I’ve started getting rolls in places one normally doesn’t get rolls. Bianca loves to tease me about my body parts losing their definition; particularly my elbows and knees. My gluttony has caused my joints to be engulfed by heavy hanging sacks of pure fat. She delights in pointing out how hopelessly super-super obese I’ve become. We both know that I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to. I’ve become too addicted to the feedee lifestyle. If not being able to see one’s elbows or knees isn’t a sure sign that there’s no turning back then I don’t know what is. https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21745289
  5. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Daily Supersized Struggles Featuring: Kenna Blake As the weight keeps piling on the harder it becomes to accomplish every day tasks. We’ve eaten ourselves into such a state that our fatness now impacts our everyday lives. In this clip we’ll talk about what we’re unable to do at our size and if we’ve found a way to work around it. https://www.c4s.com/44444/21735113
  6. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Our Fat Asses Broke What?! Featuring: Kenna Blake When one weighs hundreds of pounds more than the average person it can make every day life difficult. The world just simply isn’t made for overfed fattened sows such as us. We’ve eaten ourselves into such a state of obesity that we’re just too fat for most things. In this clip we’ll talk about all of the furniture that we’ve destroyed over the years. https://www.c4s.com/44444/21658529
  7. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Home Health Aid Slob Shames Me (This video contains declining health, limited mobility, and slob role play.) As my weight climbs my health and mobility continue to decline. As such, I can’t be bothered to do simple every day things anymore. Who wants to shower when just walking to the bathroom is utterly exhausting? Even with my oxygen tank such exertion leaves me struggling to catch my breath. My home health care aids warn me that if I continue down this path it’s going to put me in an early grave. I can’t stop, I’m too far gone. My new home health care aid is utterly appalled by my sloth and gluttony. She questions why she’s even here if I’m not going to put forth any effort. I goad her into an argument. Little does she know that all her insults just fuel my furor to get fatter. https://www.c4s.com/44444/21650123
  8. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Duo Fat Chat with BBW BonnieFeaturing: BBW Bonnie We’re such greedy gluttonous sows; the more weight we gain the more turned on we get. There’s just something about eating until one is overfull that is so erotic. The feeling of one’s stomach being stretched taunt in a mix of pleasure and pain. Struggling to breathe as stomach pushes on one’s lungs; panting like an old hound in the summer. How being fed by a feeder takes this experience to the next level. How we’d absolutely balloon with the constant attention of a feeder.https://www.c4s.com/44444/21693339
  9. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Eating Ice Cream in the Car https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21545587 I love nothing more than making a complete pig of myself in public. I thrive on the looks of disgust that I get. The utter revolution in their faces as they see a swollen sow like me ordering up the most calorie laden food on the menu. I wedged myself into the car facing outward for all to see. Greedily I began devouring a peanut butter fudge sundae in a matter of minutes. Shoveling the ice cream into my mouth like a starved man. I felt myself getting prematurely full as my overly tight jeans bit into my fleshy midsection. My fat surged forth as it was freed from its confines. Finally I brought the dish to my lips so, I could suck down every last drop of fattening iced cream. Chocolate dripped down my chin and landed on my exposed belly for all to see. Eating Fast Food in the Car https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21547037 After making a complete pig of myself at the ice cream parlor my face and top were covered in chocolate. Thankfully I had a spare top in my backpack. I quickly cleaned up my face and then it was on to the drive through for some calorie laden fast food! As we turned onto the road where the restaurant was located I could smell the burgers. The smell alone was enough to make my mouth water with anticipation and my panties grow moist. The first bite of the burger made me moan in ecstasy. My association of food and sex is so strong that each bite was like a sexual act. Instinctively I bucked my hips against the seam of my overly tight jeans. I tried to grab the bottom roll on my double belly but my jeans inhibited me in doing so. My giant gut stuffed into them like sausage casing packed too tightly with meat and ready to burst. As I pulled down my jeans my fat surged forth like the rush of water when a dam breaks. Enabling me to stuff even more fattening food into my greedy maw. 20k Calories Funneled in Under a Minute https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21576449Featuring: BBW Bonnie Up until this point all of the weight that I have gained has been through sheer gluttony. After a lengthy conversation Bonnie finally convinced me to try weight gain powder. To make things interesting we decided that we would time ourselves to see who can funnel faster. Being the greedy gluttonous sows that we are we couldn’t use just any shake for such an event we needed something truly epic! After some deliberation we settled on a 20,000 calorie shake. That’s 28 tablespoons of weight gain powder mixed into a large container of heavy cream. That’s a 10 days worth of calories for a normal woman! Regardless of who won our little game it was going to ensure that both of us woke up fatter the next day. Supersized Feedee Gets Fucked Hard https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21605519 The footage in this video is from my personal life. We didn't plan to shoot this video and the content in it isn't scripted. We simply decided to turn on the GoPro and film ourselves having sex. My lust for my feeder's big thick perfect cock is only matched by my insatiable hunger. Embraced in his strong arms I can't help but completely submit to him; a submissive slutty sow to feed, fatten, and fuck for his pleasure. He isn't without mercy, good pigs get to cum and I'm always on my best behavior for Daddy. His cock has me incoherently begging for more as I writhe in pleasure. My pussy dripping wet from cumming over and over and over. Publicly Fat at the Beach, Part 1 https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21621637 I felt my pussy getting wet with anticipation. I couldn't wait to get out of the car and show everyone at the beach my super-super obese body. Dressed in only a tight bikini nothing was left to the imagination. Watch as I waddle down to the water and proceed to get the rest of my body as wet as my pussy. The current was so strong that my camera man struggled to stay in place. Yet I sat upon the sand an unmovable object. I was far too heavy to feel the strength of the tide. In that moment I felt so very fat! Publicly Fat at the Beach, Part 2 https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21633451 This is the second part of a two part piece about being publicly fat at the beach. In this clip I’ll continue to show off my super-super obese body in a bikini. Watch as I stuff my face with fattening cookies and pastries for all to see. After stuffing myself with calorie laden treats, I take my giant gut and drop it onto the picnic table with a resounding thud. The effort that it takes to do so leaves me breathless and I have to waddle over to a bench to rest. What a sight I must’ve been! Back Fat & Belly Jiggles & Fat Chat https://www.clips4sale.com/44444/21650201 Featuring: Kenna Blake Kenna is shocked by the sheer amount of fat on my back. She’s never seen someone with as much as back fat as I have. She teases me that the fat rolls on my back are bigger than my breasts; that they hang down so far that they touch the top of my butt shelf. Her whole hand easily fits under one of the sagging mounds of flesh. She squeezes them much like one would squeeze a breast while admiring their hang. She compares it to a belly hang. She comments on how a new roll of fat is forming above my butt shelf. She asks me what I’ve been eating and I joking respond with everything. My ever growing body a testament to my unabated gluttony. Heaving my bulk I awkwardly turn around so, she can inspect my breasts. She squeezes them and comments on their softness. Comparing the feel of them to that of the feel of my back fat. Her hands slide down to the mass of fat that makes up my first belly roll; a thick slab of pure lard. She begins to explore my belly as she teases me for being such a greedy pig. How I love being teased, I can feel myself getting wet. I decide that it’s my turn to explore all of her luscious fat.
  10. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's Updates

    Duo Feeding & Fat Comparison Bonnie thinks that my capacity isn’t where it should be and she aims to fix that. What better way to do that than following up a massive meal with 8 cups of cream and a stack of fat cakes. After all, every meal should be fattening and filling! As she pulled my hair back and forced the cake into my mouth it was clear she wasn’t taking no for an answer. After proper stuffing me she helps me to my feet so we can compare our big blubbery bodies. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in SD MP4.
  11. Stuck in the Kitchen It seems like every time I go into the kitchen, the space between the wall and the refrigerator is getting smaller and smaller. Of course it's not actually getting smaller, I just keep getting fatter. I should've known better but the call of Bianca's honey-sweet voice paired with the smell of freshly baked cookies was too much for me to resist. Like some kind of sadistic siren she lured me in. Even entering the kitchen sideways didn't make the opening wide enough for my super-super obese body. My ponderous gut and ample ass pressed tightly against the refrigerator door and wall respectively. The smell of the cookies began to make me salivate. I mustered the strength to push myself through. Waiting there was Bianca and a tray of chocolate chunk cookie bars. I couldn't contain myself and I quickly began shoveling them into my mouth. Several cookies in I decided that I wanted something savory. Bianca had promised that I could order a fattening take away tonight. Oh how I love delivery! I mindlessly attempted to walk out of the kitchen to get my phone when I noticed that I was stuck. I couldn't seem to wiggle myself past the aforementioned refrigerator wall combo. What was I going to do? This file is also available in SD MP4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Measuring My Fat Rolls Featuring: Bianca Baker Bianca is obsessed with my big blubbery body. She loves that I’ve eaten myself into such a state that several large rolls have formed throughout my body. She decided that she wanted to see just how thick those rolls are. The comparison between our bodies is absurd. Almost every piece of me is thicker or damn near thicker than her waist. This file is also available in SD MP4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- We Want You Immobile You’re going to sit down and listen carefully. We’ve grown bored of simply being your wanton sows to feed, fatten, and fuck for your arousal and amusement. It stops now. We’ve decided that you’re no longer in charge. For years you’ve been fattening us into the supersized sows that we are now. No more. Now you’re going to be our piglet. Don’t laugh! You heard us right, we’re going to fatten you up whether you like it or not! We’ll tie you down if we have to. We’re going to condition your body to associate food and sex just like you did to ours. By the end of the month you’ll be begging us for more. Say goodbye to your stylish wardrobe. Soon you won’t fit in any of it! You think that we’re talking about fatten you up till you’re a little bit chubby? We’re not. You’re going to be a proper overfed hog. We’re going to make you so fat that you’re out of breath just sitting. Then we’re going to make you even fatter. You’ll be fattened to the point that you’re too big to struggle. Our helpless hog pinned down by lard. This file is also available in SD MP4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- PoV Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl Can you really call it persuasion when you have me wrapped around your finger? Shame on you for making your super-super obese girlfriend do all of the work. Yes, I know how much you enjoy feeling all of my weight on top of you. Is that really a valid excuse for making me huff and puff my way to an orgasm? You know how terribly out of shape I am. After all, you're responsible for how fat I've become. This file is also available in SD MP4. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony.
  12. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's April Updates

    Fat Chat & Flabby Jiggles I’m such a shameless pig that showing off my big blubbery blob-like body excites me. I especially love how my body looks in lingerie that is way too tight. I get all tingly when I see my fat bursting out the top and the bottom. When I get into such a state I can’t keep my hands off of myself. I just want to grab and squeeze handfuls of overflowing fat. The way it feels when I clap my massive thighs together and the build up of pure fat on each thigh slams together with a thunderous noise. How fat rolls over my elbow and hides it from view. The way my arms sway is almost mesmerizing. Won’t you let me show off for you? You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in SD MP4.
  13. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's April Updates

    Duo Double Belly Play Featuring: Thickest Princes a.k.a. Kenna Blake What could be better than having one greedy gluttonous sow to play with? Having two flabby sows; double the fat and double the fun. Our super-super obese bodies pressed tightly together. The bed barely able to accommodate the spread of our ample asses. Our feeders muscles straining to lift the weight of both of our big blubbery bellies at once. His brow breaking out in a light sweat as he jiggles, grabs, and shakes the thick layer of fat that engulfs our bodies. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in SD MP4.
  14. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's April Updates

    Bianca Worships My Belly Featuring: Bianca Baker As a woman we're told that we're supposed to be small and delicate. Yet there's nothing small or delicate about me. There's something innately powerful about being the fattest person in the room. The ability fill up so much more space than what an average human should. To be a presence that commands attention; an insatiable hedonistic goddess. I demand to be worshiped as a goddess should be. I can feel her tiny hands upon my ponderous paunch. The way her muscles strain as she tries to lift its bulk. The heat of her tongue upon my stretch marked covered skin. A devote worshiper who's life is dedicated to my pleasure. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in SD MP4.
  15. Xutjja

    SSBBW Xutjja's April Updates

    Morbid Stuffing: Eating My Health Away As I've eaten myself into super-super obesity I've watched my health steadily decline. The weight of my ample bosom and substantial stomach restricting my breathing. As someone who is already asthmatic this has become problematic. As such I was put on a preventative inhaler as well as an emergency inhaler. It simply wasn't enough, I needed access to oxygen. You'd think having to use oxygen would deter me from gaining but it hasn't. A greedy gluttonous sow such as myself will be eating till my last breath. Luckily I have such a doting feeder to take care of me. While she was out shopping she got me a light snack of twenty chicken nuggets, a large order of fries, and a can of soda. I quickly devour the nuggets within a matter of minutes. My feeder is clearly impressed by the voracious nature of my gluttony. Full but not satiated I ask for one of my feeder's homemade fudgy brownies. She eagerly complies, always wanting to pack one more bite into me. Handing me the brownie she begins rubbing my big bloated belly. A good feedee should always be rewarded after all. You can find this clip and many more only at my Clips4Sale studio Shameless Gluttony. This file is also available in SD MP4.