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    Well, i'm a guy who enjoys being with friends and having fun. I very open and always enjoy an stimulating conversation. So if u have any question drop me a line
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    Way to many to lists here!!!!
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    Yes Please!!
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    White / Caucasian
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    On Occasion
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    Down for Whatever
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    well i listen to everything. whatever my attitude calls for my iphone & Spotify is loaded with many different genres

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  1. BIGJEFF64

    Pussy wetness

    Oh I love a super soaker pussy!!! I love making girls squirt or gush but it’s just to please them and give them the best sexual pleasure I can give. The slopping wet sound when I’m pounding a soaked pussy drives me crazy and makes me wanna pound it harder
  2. BIGJEFF64

    Iphone Pornography: Yes Or No

    I love amateur homemade porn over mainstream scripted porn so i like it. Although now the studios are making amateur style porn that way and if I recognize the actress it annoys me
  3. BIGJEFF64

    How many times a day do you think about Sex

    Korn’s ADIDAS pretty much answers this for me.
  4. BIGJEFF64

    My Dirty Little Secret

    Being a big male I have always loved BBW’s but recently I have discovered my bi side and I actually like big men too
  5. BIGJEFF64


    I haven’t been pegged but i was with this women who knew her way around and WOW. I’m very willing to try it as well
  6. BIGJEFF64

    Sunday Morning Sex

    I agree with morning sex or even midnight sex when she is rubbing her naked ass on my shorts and she knows what she is doing then I get those eyes and I lift that leg and she is soaked ready for me. UGH!!!
  7. BIGJEFF64

    Seducing Young Bbws

    I have walked in bars and clubs and have seen a bbw with her skinnier friends and I have walked up to her passing all the skinny girls and told her she was stunning and that she stood out over everyone. I kissed her cheek and walked away never with intentions of hooking up or anything just to boost her confidence. Some of her friends came up and told me how sweet it was. You have to be careful cuz I did it a couple times and they start to cry or get overwhelmed and that’s not the intention.
  8. BIGJEFF64

    Bisexual Males

    I’m bi as well I haven’t had much experience but I did talk to a couple ladies that said they would want to watch and then join. Or she would play with him getting him ready and then call the other over and introduce him and guide him to pleasure the other guy. Damn that’s sounds hot thinking about it
  9. BIGJEFF64

    Bbw-Related Dirty Talk - What Do You Like, Men?

    I love dirty talk but get even more turned on doing it in public places. I had her so hot and bothered she took me in to a fitting room at a store and grinded on me so good she took my hands and covered her mouth to keep her quite. She was one of the wettest women I ever been with.
  10. BIGJEFF64

    Creampies for them or against them

    I love filling any hole with my cum. I like watching her face when I do it’s almost a complete different orgasm for them
  11. BIGJEFF64

    Issues With Your Partner Size

    I have always been big but i have been with women both bigger than me or smaller but I had no issues. Both types are fun especially if they have a naughty mind like me and we click sexually. I haven’t had that type of connection in a long long time
  12. BIGJEFF64

    Best Song To Play While Having Sex?

    Depends on my mood or the mood between me and her but I can be traditionally romantic with some Sade or some smooth R&B or I can blast some David Alan Coe and fuck watching infomercials.
  13. BIGJEFF64

    WOW 10 YEARS NOW!!!

  14. THIS FTW!!!! Plus im open for any and everything once. Twice if it feels good
  15. BIGJEFF64

    First time you knew you were attracted to BBW

    I have ALWAYS been attracted to them. If a BBW was around some friends that were skinnier or whatever i always went out of my way to say hello and tell her how beautiful she is over anyone else there.