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    You'd actually might be shocked and pleasantly surprised.


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    Hey :) I'm in my 40's. I love bbw's AND I am VERY open about it. I live in the northeast. I work and never been unemployed. I have perfect credit. I have registered and insured cars, I own a home. I do not drink or do drugs or smoke cigarettes. I am not medicated. I do not get arrested and never been in jail
    If you find someone with these qualities, for god's sake keep him!!!!! LOLOLOL :)
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    Outdoors in the early morning. Can't tell you the rest, you'll know who I am :)
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    White / Caucasian
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    No never ever
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    No Never
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    Married.....For Now
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    Castaway, Breakfast Club, Behind Enemy Lines, Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler, a long list...Book of Eli. Madea's.
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    Progressive Rock to Hip Hop.

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  1. wishihadabbw

    New SSBBW

    Holy moly look a that face!
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    The Random Thoughts Thread Part Iv

    hmmmm I know there's a list here somewhere.
  3. wishihadabbw

    New SSBBW

  4. wishihadabbw

    My Body

    Curvey! wow nice and thick!
  5. wishihadabbw

    Feedee Looking for Relationship/Feeder

    Another New Englander Good luck with your search.
  6. wishihadabbw

    New SSBBW

    Hi and welcome to our forum. Would be especially nice if you could post some photos of that body of your.
  7. wishihadabbw

    BigCutie Jae *Measurements 2018*

    Look at that Donk!
  8. wishihadabbw

    The Random Thoughts Thread Part Iv

    Wicked busy day yesterday....or so my list said ......reading from top to bottom it says ..."Wicked busy day today /see today's list".......Unfortunately I couldn't find yesterday's list so have written "Not A" in front of the first list . Well, there's always next Tuesday.
  9. wishihadabbw

    Vicky here

    Hi and welcome