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wishihadabbw last won the day on November 11 2019

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    You'd actually might be shocked and pleasantly surprised.


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    Hey :) I'm in my 40's. I love bbw's AND I am VERY open about it. I live in the northeast. I work and never been unemployed. I have perfect credit. I have registered and insured cars, I own a home. I do not drink or do drugs or smoke cigarettes. I am not medicated. I do not get arrested and never been in jail
    If you find someone with these qualities, for god's sake keep him!!!!! LOLOLOL :)
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    Outdoors in the early morning. Can't tell you the rest, you'll know who I am :)
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    White / Caucasian
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    No never ever
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    No Never
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    Married.....For Now
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    Castaway, Breakfast Club, Behind Enemy Lines, Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler, a long list...Book of Eli. Madea's.
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    Progressive Rock to Hip Hop.

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  1. wishihadabbw

    The REAL Kelly Shibari?

    Very nice to see you again. I am very happy you've got through cancer. Hopefully your post will bring old members out of the woodwork. All the best to you.
  2. wishihadabbw

    Introducing Me - The Naughty Fox

    Hi and welcome.
  3. wishihadabbw

    BigCutie Jae--In Case You Missed These Updates!

    you nicely grew over the years
  4. wishihadabbw

    Big Cutie Lily ~ Stretchy Cottoman Over My Curves~

    So nice to see Lily still around. She's been here for a while
  5. wishihadabbw

    What State Are You From?

    I'm in a state if disrepair.
  6. wishihadabbw

    Lost Forum

    Longer than a few days. Had me worried. Though dead for the most part, I'm hanging of for nostalgia reasons.
  7. I have a lot of cars if they would like wash mine
  8. wishihadabbw

    No longer active

    So why are you telling us?
  9. wishihadabbw

    Favorite BBWs of the past?

    As I have said earlier in this thread.....A LOT of them! I still hear from some time to time.
  10. wishihadabbw

    Pending Approval on new posts.

    You're not going to get any response. Since the administrator disappeared Oct 30 last year. If any response...will be weeks if not longer.
  11. wishihadabbw

    staying in and fucking a big booty babe

    That chick's pretty as hell....
  12. wishihadabbw

    Need a BBW finally

  13. wishihadabbw

    BigCuties Bonanza--Lusilla Update!

    Kinda hot there.
  14. wishihadabbw


    One, I remember you pretty well. Beautiful then, looks to be beautiful now.