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  1. vixxen

    Atlanta - Tokyo Valentine

    Helloo peeps! I like the Loft more then anything else.. ok I havent really tried anywhere else for the swing LS. They're so laidback there, we love it. I go with my gf's, all BBW, and we always have a great time. Fridays are more for singles, Sat nights are more for couples, and they always have something going on. Also if your looking for just vanilla get togethers for bbw, and like minded ppl, in and around ATL we have a few active groups that do meets monthly. LMK and I'll post to the groups here.
  2. vixxen

    Close Acc Please

    so it's a white label now? No chance of getting my money or reactivating my acc? I can't sign in, never could since all the changes. no one ever answered.
  3. I havent been able to log in anyways, because I never did the tax info last year. Still no printer, you guys should look into going digital for docs. its so much easier. I need to close my account. I am no longer able to cam. My info is up to date to send amount owed. Thanks. Heather
  4. Hey! BBWNextDoor.live @SeeMeVixxen on Instagram @BBWVixxen on Twitter If You're in GA, USA, or travel here often, My BBW Group: facebook.com/groups/ngabbw facebook.com/BBWOnCam