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Love 'm Large

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    Love LARGE Women
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    I am a Fat Admirer. I have been a FA for as long as I can remember. Already at a young age, I only had eyes for larger girls and I can not explain exacly why. As I grew older, I shifted from admiring only larger or chubby girls to admiring big girls.

    I learned a lot about my preference and interests, browsing the internet and soon I came across the terms “Plumpers”, “BBW’s” and “SSBBW’s” and subjects like “weight-gain” and “gainers” and various forms of “feederism.

    I visited many well-known websites became a member at various forums like “Dimensions Forum”, “Fantasy Feeder” and “Fat-Forums”. At first, I mainly focussed on “BBW’s” as I thought “SSBBW’s” would exceed my preference. I slowly developed an interest for “weight-gain” and “gainers”. I found “female-gainers” fascinating and very exciting! Women who are willing or wanting to put on (even) more weight, deliberately eating and stuffing themselves and taking on food-challenges. Women who are being fed or stuffed - willingly or forced - fascinate and excite me even more! This fascination and excitement has certainly affected my admiration for (even) larger women. “SSBBW’s” have in fact become my main preference and (force)feeding, stuffing and fattening a woman until she becomes a “SSBBW” is my greatest fantasy/desire.

    I love each and every curve, roll or fold, fluffy arms, wide hips and thick thighs but to me, nothing beats her beautiful BIG belly. I love how her belly hangs, standing up straight or between her legs as she sits down (the lower the better) or even touches the ground/bed when she is on all fours, the way her belly wobbles and jiggles as she walks, how her belly overflows, stretches and rips clothes and bulges through fishnets. Stretch marks and dimples are beautiful details and a belly-button piercing definitely is sexy. Her body becomes especially appealing and sexy when wet, lotioned or oiled up.

    Having said all that, I can truly say I am a Fat Fetishist.
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    The Netherlands
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    Anything from Dan Brown. I can almost see, hear or feel the surroundings through the amount of detail described in the story. Awesome!
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    White / Caucasian
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    on occasion
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    Not a specific title right now, but I mostly watch Action, Thrillers and Horrors.
  • Music
    Gotye, Adele, but I have a wide taste on music. Today's music but also classics. In my collection of music you'll find Sting, Prince (artist formally known as...), Jamiroquai, Sade, Amy Winehouse

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