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John Gordone

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About John Gordone

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    blogger/photographer/media maven
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    I'm a blogger and sometimes photographer living in New York who showcases up&coming amateur models/entertainers in my blog. I have a few interviews posted up on the old blog and on the new site. I am focusing on taking photos along with my writing. If any BBW model that's local to me is interested in either feel me to message me here or email: bigggordone@gmail.com
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    too many to mention
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    porn, music, photography, etc.
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    Black / African Descent
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    Open Relationship
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    Shottas, Scarface, American History X, more to come if i can think abt them
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    everything but house
  1. John Gordone

    Kik Thread

    Kik: dgidablast
  2. John Gordone

    Introducing Juicy Redd

    so succulent
  3. A fellow New Yorker...I would love to write about you or photograph you. 

  4. John Gordone


    I was here back in 09 up to about 2011 then disappeared. Now I am seeing that this site is active so I might as well be active for now. I am from New York. I am not looking for relationships just friends and fellow creative artists like myself to be around with. If you fit that role and from my part of town let's talk. I don't do the long distance thing (too many issues) other than that message me whenever you want on here or on Fet Life(gordone is the name) or IG(gordonenyc)
  5. John Gordone

    Sitting Area Update 299

    Wow I been away so long and I walk into this. I love it as always! keep it going love