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    Born to a German Dutch Mom and All American Army Man from Ohio! I grew up with a lot of European influences ! We traveled a lot due to the Army but I learned to adjust fast and make friends easy! I am a Bit of Gypsy as Mom says "it is in our Blood! I love to try new things", taste new foods, go new places so I still travel as much as I can! I am Down to earth as well with a Family, Loving older, swinging Hubby,3 cats a Natural patio Garden and A place to Make my Jewelry! I am creative and I was told"there is never a Dull Moment with me in the Picture" by my young friend G, just the other day! I am fun loving but can be serious too! I am a giving Spirit, but don't mess with me because I have a hot temper too! Being a Swinger and Poly I have a lot of Long term relationships Friends and Lovers So I don't deal with jealously very well I tend to run! I am Still A RN but medically retired, So I do have the right to the Nurse in front of my name after 15 years taking care of people!!
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    San Antonio Texas
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    46 D 42 48
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    Romantic History, History I read a Lot But favorite is probably the Clan of the Cave Bear Series !
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    was 450 now 270 to 280
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    Reading, Photography, Computers, Making Jewelry,Cooking, Travel, BDSM Making videos
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    Love it a Lot with my Partner!
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    GrINGO white gal european background
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    Only for videos
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    OPen minded
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    recently saw Avatar Great Movie Wish I could go there so many movies new one about barman and Baily circus was great love the Fat hairy singer! She was fantastic!
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    Oldies rock and roll country Love Beth and Cher

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  1. SO IVE BEEN PLAYING CATCH UP EVER since ugh not fun I had to figure out a new phone a friend gave me his old computer the sweet man but i had to get professionals to down load all the stuff from my old one which I think mom knocked down off the table as my screen was broken from one side and it was sitting on my couch when i returned from shopping and mom had put a vase of flowers where i had left it! I DID ASK CAUSE MOM IS 85 WITH SOME DEMENTIA SO IT ISNT worth fighting with her when she doesn't remember and YOU know My Mom never admitted to being wrong ever my whole life! ! Well i got a chance to make some videos finally after all the holiday and computer stuff I am including a small sample with my balloons! see what else is new out door videos in my garden and always other things that you might enjoy from your naughty Mature Nurse Vicki Have fun and tell me what you think ! https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/12488/your-bbw-nurse-vicki- verify_preview1580362354.mp4
  2. NurseVicki

    new clips on my x hamster

    We find Brittney all tied up on a chair in an empty apt waiting for Something she wakes up from her induce and begins to struggle crying out for help but no one hears her she struggle and struggles to try to get free! The lady who grabbed her stuff her stocking back in her mouth and laughs at her! Then leaves her alone to struggle by her self then I have Naughty maid Brittney forgot her lipstick in car is made to go out Face fetishCrossdresserOutdoorAmateurMaid USA 5:54 2019-09-14 in the drive way all dressed up as slutty Sissy Cross dressing maid. She has to go get it from ,by Her Mistress Victoria Me . Then we go back in side and she is made to put it on for you! Nice pink lipstick! Isnt she so cute with her long red curly hair and cute maids out fit ! She is made to show off her pink panties as well! Of course I am the domme! I trained this Bitch domme TG New domme beats heavy pain slut SlaveFemdomWhippingAmateurBdsm USA 5:00 2019-09-14 Big boy Destruction gets beaten by his new Trans gendered Domme as he is cuff down First time they played. Naughty kitty trans gurl shows me how she plays Transgender 6:10 2019-09-14 My Life is strange and i meet many people this time I met kitty who wanted to show off to me showing me how she enjoys a toy in her ass pussy with a pretty gem in it I confess i gave her the toy! She enjoyed her self and here is the video. BBW gives you close up clip of her nake lips and mouth kissing and licking her lips 4 you a requested clip! Face fetishRedheadClose upBbwAmateur USA 4:08 2019-09-13 I had a fan ask me to show a close up video of my lips and mouth with out lips stick as in bare Here is the clip I did kissing licking and opening my mouth wide for him and you who like it ! Thanks to marco who like lips with out lipstick AND MY SEXY mom YOUR FAVORITE GRANNY IN Sexy Dutch girl blows her nose with a naked ass HomemadeGilf / GrannyFetishAmateur USA 2:18 2019-09-13 Watch as this 84 year old beautiful granny blows her nose with a nude ass stepdaughter films it for you! BBW Nurse Vicki teaches her sissy how 2 puts on Lipstick SissyCrossdresserFemdomBbwAmateur USA 3:23 2019-09-13 I am showing my naughty sissy girl how to apply her lips stick and I am demonstrate it as I explain then I have my sissy do it! THESE ARE ALL new on my so hurry check it out ! https://xhamsterpremium.com/studios/bbwnursevicki https://xhamsterpremium.com/studios/bbwnursevicki
  3. NurseVicki

    Winning her back or not

    she is trouble move on jealousy isnt worth it the craziness! You tried but it is water under the bridge ! It wont be easy but she isnt worth it ! Good luck
  4. Hi every one BHM BBW SSBBW and fans family if your looking for a piece of Jewelry that is unique and will fit your lady man family member or your self come by and see what i have created I am a BBW my self and know how frustrating it is in the Made in china junk most places sell that wont fit bigger people! I am adding a few samples here but hope you go see my etsy shop to see what i have Now am adding more daily as i shoot the photos! all those are photos are newly added but i have lots more items Please look thanks http://www.etsy.com/shop/CreatedBYmeVB
  5. NurseVicki

    What State Are You From?

    San Antonio Texas if i didnt tell you before
  6. NurseVicki

    I have been Interview isnt that cool

    I now have a Just for fans Page for the first 30 days so com by see What Mistress Victoria Has for you and I do face sitting, squashing sessions, foot shoe or boot session bondage and spanking sessions Just ask Me prefer from my http://onlyfans.com/8973593/u13393952 where you can message me I check daily there as I am adding new content daily most days as well! Have a great Weekend Fellows and gals too! Your BBW Mistress Victoria
  7. You can read the Article/ interview here https://www.comefeeldablastnyc.com/single-post/2019/10/09/Nurse-Vicki-Operating-Daily
  8. I hope my fans will check it out here Your Naughty Nurse Vicki https://www.comefeeldablastnyc.com/single-post/2019/10/09/Nurse-Vicki-Operating-Daily
  9. NurseVicki

    JadeBelle Has Been Hospitalized

    hope she got better?
  10. As usually I was working on a request doing a bit of strip tease in my sexy red dress and high heel boots for a client! I was to strip naked and during the filming i took a slip because i had not wore such high heel boots for a while so down I went but i dont give up easy as you see in part 2 where i roll around a bit before finally standing up with a bit of assistance to finish my strip and get on the bed and spread my legs and roll about on the bed as request with nothing on but boots! So I hope you check out my new clips! http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/12488/your-bbw-nurse-vicki- I do enjoy taking request and doing them if i can drop me a note here if you have ideas you like to see me do! Thanks more coming soon! hugs and kisses to my fans Your naughty Nurse Vicki
  11. 3 new submissive clips with squirting stripping show off bruises thong and pee details are here https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/31995/a1-bbw-submissive-slut- been very hot here so I am editing new clips so keep and eye out as it to hot to play! kisses have a request Ask me
  12. NurseVicki

    Hello friends and fans I have added new fun clips 4 U

    hey guys did you like or do you want to ask for anything let me know comments do help
  13. Twitter is Nurse_Vicki2011 If want to really talk to me free for 3 minutes ON the Phone follow this link Niteflirts https://www.niteflirt.com/pid/9925537 on there I am nursevicki Yes after the first 3 minutes free there is a fee! You can also see more if me for free on http://rude.com/NurseVicki where you can find my snap chat and Kik if you want that are you on x hamster look for me here xhamster http://xhamsterpremium.com/s/bbwnursevicki I am also on Extra Lunch money a safe place to get custom items like photos videos and panties shoes hose etc https://extralunchmoney.com/user/NurseVicki Looking forward to meeting and hearing from You! Have a great Day!
  14. Hey guys and gals, I been busy making videos again. I feel so much younger then I did 5 years ago! It is wonderful to be able to make sexy videos again for my fans ! I added new content see below! I been really busy trying to get my garage set up to make more adult videos especially Bdsm stuff as Mistress but yesterday I did some of me popped stuff like balloons with my ass and stomping and popping some packing Bubbles. Those videos are not edited yet but I will have them up soon ! I hope you will check out what is New below there is more then these but you can go explore here ! Have a Great day All Your naughty Mature bbw Nurse Vicki Your Naughty Nurse Vicki has some fun with her exercise ball in a sexy mint green mini skirt stockings wmv tight tank exercise top and heels! She shows you she can catch it throws it to someone off cam takes it and kicks it squashes in between her legs and sits on it! She soon gets hot and flashes he sexy 54 Ds all natural mature soft breasts at you! showing of her plump mound and big ass! Enjoy her playing so sexy bouncing her fat body and flashing that sexy bbw ssbbw body ! BBW Nurse Vick sticks huge Carrot in her Pussy can she get it inside? WMv Yes I love to play with veggies was at a Asian Market and saw these huge carrots so i grabbed one laughing with my Bf told him I wonder if it fits and put it in my Cart well we got busy and we didnt try it out ! So I forgot it a day or so but had put it in my bag finally I saw it again and decided what the hey lets see if it will fit inside or not lubed it up and well see for your self !Enjoy yep I did send it to tease my New BF Nurse Vicki BBW Chewing, Blowing Gum,and chatting to you I found some very yummy gum so i decided to video tape me chew blowin and chatting to my fans and my friend who is watching and bored LOL Just some samples there are More so go to my Clips4sale and check out what else is New Have a Great Day Your Naughty BBW Nurse Vicki