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    Happyiness is a state of MIND!
  • Birthday 12/23/1963


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    Born to a German Dutch Mom and All American Army Man from Ohio! I grew up with a lot of European influences ! We traveled a lot due to the Army but I learned to adjust fast and make friends easy! I am a Bit of Gypsy as Mom says "it is in our Blood! I love to try new things", taste new foods, go new places so I still travel as much as I can! I am Down to earth as well with a Family, Loving older, swinging Hubby,3 cats a Natural patio Garden and A place to Make my Jewelry! I am creative and I was told"there is never a Dull Moment with me in the Picture" by my young friend G, just the other day! I am fun loving but can be serious too! I am a giving Spirit, but don't mess with me because I have a hot temper too! Being a Swinger and Poly I have a lot of Long term relationships Friends and Lovers So I don't deal with jealously very well I tend to run! I am Still A RN but medically retired, So I do have the right to the Nurse in front of my name after 15 years taking care of people!!
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    San Antonio Texas
  • Age
  • Measurements
    46 D 42 48
  • Books
    Romantic History, History I read a Lot But favorite is probably the Clan of the Cave Bear Series !
  • Weight
    was 450 now 270 to 280
  • My interests
    Reading, Photography, Computers, Making Jewelry,Cooking, Travel, BDSM Making videos
  • Sex
    Love it a Lot with my Partner!
  • Ethnicity
    GrINGO white gal european background
  • Smoker
    Only for videos
  • Drink Alcohol?
  • Marital Status
  • Sexual Orientation
    OPen minded
  • Movies
    recently saw Avatar Great Movie Wish I could go there so many movies new one about barman and Baily circus was great love the Fat hairy singer! She was fantastic!
  • Music
    Oldies rock and roll country Love Beth and Cher

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