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    Happyiness is a state of MIND!
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    Born to a German Dutch Mom and All American Army Man from Ohio! I grew up with a lot of European influences ! We traveled a lot due to the Army but I learned to adjust fast and make friends easy! I am a Bit of Gypsy as Mom says "it is in our Blood! I love to try new things", taste new foods, go new places so I still travel as much as I can! I am Down to earth as well with a Family, Loving older, swinging Hubby,3 cats a Natural patio Garden and A place to Make my Jewelry! I am creative and I was told"there is never a Dull Moment with me in the Picture" by my young friend G, just the other day! I am fun loving but can be serious too! I am a giving Spirit, but don't mess with me because I have a hot temper too! Being a Swinger and Poly I have a lot of Long term relationships Friends and Lovers So I don't deal with jealously very well I tend to run! I am Still A RN but medically retired, So I do have the right to the Nurse in front of my name after 15 years taking care of people!!
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    San Antonio Texas
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    46 D 42 48
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    Romantic History, History I read a Lot But favorite is probably the Clan of the Cave Bear Series !
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    was 450 now 270 to 280
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    Reading, Photography, Computers, Making Jewelry,Cooking, Travel, BDSM Making videos
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    Love it a Lot with my Partner!
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    GrINGO white gal european background
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    Only for videos
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    OPen minded
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    recently saw Avatar Great Movie Wish I could go there so many movies new one about barman and Baily circus was great love the Fat hairy singer! She was fantastic!
  • Music
    Oldies rock and roll country Love Beth and Cher

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  1. called Teasing My Boy friend by sending him short clips and pictures Would you like to see what you might get if I was Your GF? Nudes on my original Your BBW Nurse Vicki studio Then for my Mistress Victoria Fans I am training to chubby sissy sluts to suck in Lacy Socks Sucks BrittneyCD clitty For Mistress Victoria with big lip gag part 1 on my Mistress Clip studio 2nd below there is a part too coming and maybe up by the time this is approved Have a great weekend ! Your Naughty BBW Nurse Vicki
  2. Started last night after eating out! I had their ribs didn't seem bad at the time. I later ate some old potato salad ,Mom had saved for me ! Which caused it , who knows or did someone give me a virus because they didnt wash their Hands ! If you cook in a restaurant Please always wash your hands! I hate being ill, stomach cramps and head ache plus constantly going to the bathroom! Not fun! Well though i had that i did manage to edited and added 3 clips to my stores PArt 1 and 2 of Lacy Socks Sucks BrittneyCD clitty For Mistress Victoria with big lip gag part 1 http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/31292/ssbbw-domme-victoria-owns-your-ass- also I have a new one on http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/12488/your-bbw-nurse-vicki- Teasing My Boy friend by sending him short clips and pictures Would you like to see what you might get if I was Your GF? Nudes So even though i been ill today I did get something Done Hope you check them out ! Be well friends and fans
  3. What did you do this weekend? Have you had an adventure ! ? I am going to ren faire the up coming weekend if your in the San Antonio Texas area You might check it out! https://www.groupon.com/deals/kerrville-renaissance-festival-presented-by-illusions-into-reality-3 ! This weekend I went bedroom shopping with my new guy, that I am dating! Picked out a sexy bedroom set! He wanted my input ! Of course I adored the wooden set that had pillars to tied me up on ! LOL ! Well maybe soon we will be having adventures in bed! We seem to enjoy each others company and he wants to take me to ren faire this coming weekend And since I can walk so much better then before I am so excited to go! No scooter this time and i will have my camera! I hope he wants to take some naughty photos or videos of me! Well I guess we have to wait and see ! I addede a few photos of me and my friends play with balloons if you like balloon play check them out here I need to make some new ones any ideas what i should do with the balloons Been awhile! Well have fun till I Blog again!
  4. YOU will be able to see more Bondage photos soon here on my new photographer rigger and Artist friends new site will be up this weekend he says SnidleyDR.com if your on fetlife,com check him out and tell him Nurse Vicki told you to say HI https://fetlife.com/users/708829
  5. Its been a long time since I was with a professional Artist photographer! It was so Great ! We worked on Bondage photos and videos! I am editing videos we made and here are a few photos from the shoot! I am feeling pretty good about my self ! I am not hurting to badly to day an issue I had a lot when i was so much heavier! My legs use to cramp and back would spasm! I am glad I can do more then when i was 450 ! Life is better! No i will be in pain for a few days but I take a lot less pain meds and Aleve usually does the trick as well as an Ice Pack ! Yes I still have physical issues and I always will with the 3 pinched nerves in my back and other problems with my knees and shoulder! I am now 55 so i feel pretty go better then when hubby was alive ! It has been 3 years since the gastric bypass ! Iossed from 450 down to 260 and now I am basically stable at 280 I hope to maintain that weight or less! It is so wonderful to need so much less pills Like insulin 4 times a day Blood presser med, allergy meds, asthma meds, cholesterol meds! Now I only take a antidepressant medication, vitamins with iron and pain meds ! I can walk and am much happier! I can perform again I Love being a fat adult entertainer making videos and doing photos!
  6. I love being in my mans arms in the morning as he rediscovers my body and slowly we wake up together !
  7. NurseVicki

    Well its the New Year already! Wow

    oh forgot to say I added some new clips one of me exercising and one in the pool https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/12488/your-bbw-nurse-vicki- if your fond of my feet or me being domme check out what is new Here too https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/31292/ssbbw-domme-victoria-owns-your-ass-
  8. Time sure goes fast and I am keeping busy ! Mom and I went on vacation to Toledo Ohio to a family reunion, Wow it was a big surprise that My oldest Cousin Rosy husband had every one taken in his airplane to Los Angelos California Where we all went on a cruise ! MOM was in shock and so was I ! What a Wonderful holiday trip We had with about 100 of my Daddys huge Polish Family! We all had a great time ! I missed daddy so much he would have loved all the great food LOL! I was a baby during my first cruise, on an Army transport ship! Mom and Dad love to be spoiled with food, while the rest of the folks were sick ! That ship was hit by bad weather and MOM says it was quite the adventure ! The cruise we took was way to tame in comparison mom said! LOL So Ive started the year off pretty good! A Bit poorer because we picked up the extras of cruising and did buy some stuff in Hawaii! I was so happy to see My Daddy's Family again who i got back contact with the internet! Face book is great for that !Mostly it is cousins now as the older folks are mostly gone. A few aunts still were there and that was great to see them as I have fond memories of visiting as a Kid! Ohio was really Cold so kinda glad didnt stay there after all maybe will visit again some summer when it is warmer ! I am trying to date again its hard when vanilla guys think i am horrible or just want to fuck me LOL I need someone that understand that ive been modeling for a long time and that i still want to do it or with the right man who knows maybe not but I dont need anyone to judge my life before they come into it! Well happy New Year and say hi V
  9. I tend to make videos with my lover or in case of Mistress videos with my sub missive or As a sub with my Dom Last boy friend was all 3 though I thought i had a new boyfriend from Oregon things want bad as I found out he was cheating on his older gf or maybe wife so i broke it off! Currently I am looking and dating which means I am not tied to one person ! I do get tested and demand my partner have been sexually tested and use condoms !
  10. I know how much a naked body of a BBW and or ssbbw turns you guys on especially when it is moving such as doing Jumping jacks ! Well I start with stretches. Then i do some jumping jacks. Then leg swings which opens my pussy for you to take a peak while i kick at you and shows my ass when i kick away from you! I am naked and having fun hope you like! This is what it looks when a woman who has had a gastric bi-pass and lost a lot of weight 150 pounds in my case tries to exercise ! I also added a pool clip and nude post shower a clip with a play mate and well look and or do a search I have Tons Happy New Year Your Nuaghty Nurse Vicki https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/12488/your-bbw-nurse-vicki-
  11. I want to resolve to be healthier and more active NO diets but to keep maintaining ! What say YOU?
  12. I need a massage and a hot date LOL Hope everyone is having a great weekend!