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david diego

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About david diego

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    Sucker for a pretty face and Big Brain
  • Birthday 03/15/1978


  • About Me
    Introverted and perverted. I loves big asses in tight clothes and high heels. and music. and whiskey. Not much to it. ask me something or just say hi. I'll be admiring your things..


  • Biography
    Sucker for a pretty face, Big Brain, thick thighs
    and a round ass.
    bonus points for leggings
    heels? Yes, please!
    Sex drive? We can totally take turns np. GO team!
  • Location
    Southern California
  • Age
  • Measurements
    above avg
  • Books
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Autobiographies, Hesse, Borges, Vonnegut, Sartre, CS Lewis, Miguel Ruiz
  • Weight
  • My interests
    Music, records and Beer, whiskey

    Also, Big asses, high heels, leggings, short dresses, body stockings, devouring pussy.
  • Sex
    Yes, of course.
  • Ethnicity
    Latino / Hispanic
  • Smoker
    Not tobacco ;]
  • Drink Alcohol?
  • Marital Status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Movies
    Goodfellas, Barfly, godfather, when harry met sally, porn (duh)
  • Music
    Hip Hop, Hardcore, Jazz, classic rock, porn

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  1. Gonna have to check this out!
  2. david diego

    Big Cutie Holly *Too Little Lingerie*

    Def rockable.
  3. david diego

    CaitiDee Clips: SSBBW Cake Cam Session

    I could help you burn those calories off. or face dive in between those thighs and, uh, 'go to town' as the saying goes
  4. david diego

    Party girl

    ok, a few things: First, that AZZZ! Next, Marrrry Jaaaaahain *Rick James voice*. (Hey, I like shoes.) Last, I hope everyone is taking notes because some real game is being expertly managed over here. I think its the dress, personally. I'm gonna go up and take another long look to verify, y'know.
  5. david diego

    Big Cutie Rey is a Fatty in Floral!

    pretty face. sexy belly
  6. david diego

    Claudia - Sexy Mesh Thigh Highs!

    nice belly
  7. david diego

    BigCutie CaitiDee ~ Come to Bed!

    " feeling pretty sexual" same tbh.
  8. david diego

    Jessica Lust & Sofia Rose

    love the peep toe pumps
  9. david diego

    Jessica Lust & Bunny Hooking up friends

    awesome so glad you got a chance to catch up while she was in town. very generous you guys play so well together
  10. david diego

    Jessica Lust In The Initiaton

    This is somethig I am 100% in favor of. Please consider running for office. or offering fan dates. y'know either way. You all look amazing
  11. david diego

    BigCutie CaitiDee is Slippery Soft!

    MMmmmm ... pretty shiny slippery and jiggly
  12. david diego

    Shout Out for SweetBambi & her Web design skillls

    Good to know. Thanks for the tip. So lets see; smart, techy, artsy and dependable; Solid skill set right there. Now, add the soft curves and pretty face??! Sounds like someones dating profile fantasy description. but, like, irl lol. Welp, good luck keeping me out of your inbox