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david diego

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About david diego

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    Sucker for a pretty face and Big Brain
  • Birthday 03/15/1978


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    Introverted and perverted. Big asses in tight clothes and high heels are my faves.


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    Sucker for a pretty face, Big Brain, thick thighs
    and a round ass.
    bonus points for leggings
    heels? Yes, please!
    Sex drive? We can totally take turns np. GO team!
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    Southern California
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    Yes, of course.
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  1. david diego

    Who doesn’t like big fat tits?

    nice fun bags!
  2. david diego

    *Little Lingerie* by Big Cutie Holly

  3. david diego

    Jessica Lust in Playing with Stunt

    *Heavy sigh. Slow whistle. Nods in approval*
  4. david diego

    BigCutie CaitiDee is FINALLY FATTER! *weigh in*

    Pretty color , smile , curves.
  5. david diego

    Jessica Lust's Website

    I am willing to take your word on that. However, we all know there's only one way to really know the level of luscious deliciousness -autopsy.
  6. david diego

    Jessica Lust's Website

    You both look delicious