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david diego

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About david diego

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    Sucker for a pretty face and Big Brain
  • Birthday 03/15/1978


  • About Me
    Introverted and perverted. I loves big asses in tight clothes and high heels. and music. and whiskey. Not much to it. ask me something or just say hi. I'll be admiring your things..


  • Biography
    Sucker for a pretty face, Big Brain, thick thighs
    and a round ass.
    bonus points for leggings
    heels? Yes, please!
    Sex drive? We can totally take turns np. GO team!
  • Location
    Southern California
  • Age
  • Measurements
    above avg
  • Books
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Autobiographies, Hesse, Borges, Vonnegut, Sartre, CS Lewis, Miguel Ruiz
  • Weight
  • My interests
    Music, records and Beer, whiskey

    Also, Big asses, high heels, leggings, short dresses, body stockings, devouring pussy.
  • Sex
    Yes, of course.
  • Ethnicity
    Latino / Hispanic
  • Smoker
    Not tobacco ;]
  • Drink Alcohol?
  • Marital Status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Movies
    Goodfellas, Barfly, godfather, when harry met sally, porn (duh)
  • Music
    Hip Hop, Hardcore, Jazz, classic rock, porn

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  1. david diego

    Lard Wars: A Star Wars Parody

    I read this post about women and star wars somethin or other . theres a reason it came to mind. but idr womp womp.I'll leave it here anyway. for posterity. The xwing flight suit; legitimate bad assedry https://topherchris.com/post/175915983023/angermonkey-pentag0nal-this-is-my-friend-tj
  2. david diego

    Big Cutie MsFatBooty - Fishnet Fatty

    so hot!
  3. david diego

    *bigcutie Jae Latest Updates*

    SO fine!
  4. david diego

    Jessica Lust in Introducing Jessica

    very pretty. love the peeptoes. ty
  5. I totally remember that first set. Not everyone can wear a body stocking but can wear the shit out of this one. some 'stockings get too fancy for their own good. it looks like you're on some weird acid fucking a distorted spiderweb doily. I imagine idek thanks for the update. Up being the operative term
  6. david diego

    what are you listening to?

    was lucky to get a message from the gorgeous MindiMisfit today so The Misfits are the only logical choice
  7. Looks like a perfect fit to me.
  8. david diego


    well I'm not from RI. I'm in San Diego, CA which is probably the furthest point from you that is still in the US. That tidbit neither helps you nor answers your question I can see the door. I'll let myself out. although, I reserve the right to lurk your profile later (asap)
  9. david diego

    Jessica Lust & Bunny Together AGAIN

    I was hoping this was the Bunny you meant. good stuff
  10. david diego

    Revamped Forum...what do you think?

    I had not visited in weeks. I got nervous when I had trouble logging in. Password reset was smooth. I like the change but I enjoy and usually adapt well to it in general. at least I do in my mind lol. I know how much work all this stuff is so thanks to everyone involved. pages and the new image/video viewer load quickly (WIN 10, FF 60). Some thumbs and images showing up blank, but I have that issue on every windows machine I have so already used to that lol. No, its fantastic, really. (sarcasm) If you guys do too good of a job the ladies are gonna get upset their thunder is being usurped; quick, well-tuned websites make my dick hard. I came for the ass and tities, stayed for the umm, sticky ux functionality and fast load times.