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david diego

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About david diego

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    Sucker for a pretty face and Big Brain
  • Birthday 03/15/1978


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    Introverted and perverted. Big asses in tight clothes and high heels are my faves.


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    Sucker for a pretty face, Big Brain, thick thighs
    and a round ass.
    bonus points for leggings
    heels? Yes, please!
    Sex drive? We can totally take turns np. GO team!
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    Southern California
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    Yes, of course.
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  1. david diego

    big cutie marilyn- in case you missed it...

    cute babydoll. Love that color
  2. david diego

    Bbwclips4Sale.com New Videos

    Winter can most def get it! My bday is 3/17 and I appreciate the festive content. You and Bella, would be quite a party dayum.
  3. david diego

    Jessica Lust in Movie Night BJ

    Good girl
  4. david diego

    Jessica Lust in My Favorite Nephew

    love this outfit too
  5. david diego

    Jessica Lust in Bunny the Explorer

    Those kisses look delish. You two need some meat for that sandwich. I know someone who can help with that.
  6. david diego

    Jessica Lust & Karla Lane

    This is just too much cuteness. I cant even bust to this *sigh*
  7. david diego

    Jessica Lust in The Average Mo

    Aww Kueen Karla. Such a sweetie. oh and just fyi, I'm available to keep Karla kompany next time you all hang out
  8. david diego

    Jessica Lust in Laying the Landlord

    I dig the creativity of these type of scenarios. But with you in that outfit, creativity can go create somewhere else lol. idk lost the clutch on that one. You wear that outfit perfectly; Really fucking sexy look. Romantic and nasty; thats how I would handle your fine ass nnnnffff
  9. david diego

    Who doesn’t like big fat tits?

    nice fun bags!
  10. david diego

    *Little Lingerie* by Big Cutie Holly

  11. david diego

    Jessica Lust in Playing with Stunt

    *Heavy sigh. Slow whistle. Nods in approval*
  12. david diego

    BigCutie CaitiDee is FINALLY FATTER! *weigh in*

    Pretty color , smile , curves.
  13. david diego

    Jessica Lust's Website

    I am willing to take your word on that. However, we all know there's only one way to really know the level of luscious deliciousness -autopsy.
  14. david diego

    Jessica Lust's Website

    You both look delicious