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Black Spiral

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Everything posted by Black Spiral

  1. Black Spiral

    Just Me And My Beard...

    I haven't updated for a while so here goes nothing...
  2. Black Spiral

    Just Me And My Beard...

    I tried to make it a bit festive by making the green more like a Christmas tree...
  3. Thank you for the beard love:LOVE:

  4. Black Spiral

    Birthday Orgy

    I wish I could have such a wonderful birthday party!
  5. Black Spiral

    Would you f**k the person above you?

    Though I'd be happy to have you on top of me.
  6. Thank you for liking my beard picture.

    1. Ali_Baby13


      Of course. Anytime ;) Long time no chat though aye? It's been quite a few years.

    2. Black Spiral

      Black Spiral

      Yeah. I rarely visit here. I'm usually on fetlife, twitter or Instagram.

  7. Black Spiral

    Just Me And My Beard...

    There's no filter on this one. Just me in UV light with my contact lenses soaked in a UV reactive dye.
  8. Black Spiral

    can someone tell me who this is?

    Looks like they might go by the name Platinum Puzzy.
  9. Black Spiral

    Public Bbw Flashing Pics....

    Totally yummy!
  10. Black Spiral

    Hairy Pussy

  11. Black Spiral

    Jessica Lust in Girl Interrupted

    Lucky Eric!
  12. Black Spiral

    Jessica Lust in Playing with Stunt

    I'd love to be your stunt Cock!
  13. Black Spiral

    Find Jessica Lust HERE and THERE

    So many beautiful ladies in one place... How can one choose? Or choose whose first?
  14. Black Spiral

    Sexy Slytherin ;)

    I'd love to practice my Parcel-Tongue with you....
  15. Bonnie, I'd see you then ask you to stay there as I go to Gregg's and get lot's of Vegan sausage rolls. Though I'm told that they are quite fattening...
  16. Black Spiral

    The Fourth, Update 624!

    Nixx, it's always a pleasure to see you, and knowing that you can handle a weapon so expertly is even better.
  17. Black Spiral

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    Bonnie, I'd bring you as many Gregg's vegan sausage rolls as I could carry.
  18. Black Spiral

    Happy New Year from Von Fatty!

  19. Black Spiral

    romantic date night turns into sexual frenzy

    I think I'd be the same way if Quinn came over to my place too...
  20. Black Spiral

    Hiya! Newbie Here~

    It's a pleasure to meet you too.
  21. Black Spiral

    It’s titty Tuesday

    It would be an honour... ~~~@===3
  22. Black Spiral

    Who doesn’t like big fat tits?

    I'd love to cum on those beautiful breasts!
  23. Black Spiral

    Festive Fart Fest

    Mmmmmmm... Candycane farts!
  24. Black Spiral

    Beccabae - The Naughty List: A Christmas Squashing

    Can I be on your naughty list?