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Black Spiral

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Black Spiral last won the day on August 21

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About Black Spiral

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    Head RedHead Admirer
  • Birthday 04/03/1970


  • About Me
    I'm a Guy that loves beautifully big girls. If they have tattoos/piercings, all the better!


  • Biography
    I'm a bit of a nerd, as I like Sci-Fi + Horror books, films and comics. I'm into Goth and Punk music, but don't limit myself to just that. I'm married and happy that way.
  • Location
    Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England
  • Books
    Howling Mad by Peter David, Fiends of the Eastern Front by David Bishop
  • My interests
    Goth/Punk music, Horror + Sci-Fi films, books and comics.
  • Movies
    Shaun of the Dead, Dog Soldiers, Hot Fuzz, Ginger Snaps

  • Music
    NIN, The Essence, Voltaire, The Cure

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  1. Black Spiral

    PorcelainFox ~ Little Fitting

    I'd tuck you up with your favourite plushies.
  2. Black Spiral

    PorcelainFox ~ Biggest Little

    I'd be happy to tuck you in, my dear....
  3. Black Spiral

    BigCuties Bonanza--Zelda Update!

  4. Black Spiral

    Crazy Daizy

    Pleasure to meet you, Daisy. I hope to see more of your beautiful face, be it here or elsewhere...
  5. Black Spiral

    SSBBW student gets help on the weekend..with her orgasms

    I can't imagine anyone being able to resist Strawberry Cakes!
  6. Black Spiral

    Work Break, Update 619!!

    Nixx, I'd love to spend my break time with you!
  7. Black Spiral

    Jessica Lust in Are You The One?

    Am I the one? I dream of being the one!
  8. Black Spiral

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    I'd love to get my tongue in your belly button.
  9. Black Spiral

    My Body

    You're beautiful!
  10. Black Spiral

    New SSBBW