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Black Spiral

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About Black Spiral

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    Head RedHead Admirer
  • Birthday 04/03/1970


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    I'm a Guy that loves beautifully big girls. If they have tattoos/piercings, all the better!


  • Biography
    I'm a bit of a nerd, as I like Sci-Fi + Horror books, films and comics. I'm into Goth and Punk music, but don't limit myself to just that. I'm married and happy that way.
  • Location
    Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England
  • Books
    Howling Mad by Peter David, Fiends of the Eastern Front by David Bishop
  • My interests
    Goth/Punk music, Horror + Sci-Fi films, books and comics.
  • Movies
    Shaun of the Dead, Dog Soldiers, Hot Fuzz, Ginger Snaps

  • Music
    NIN, The Essence, Voltaire, The Cure

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  1. Black Spiral

    PorcelainFox - Grey Beauty

    Definitely a shade of grey that I'd love to get into...
  2. Black Spiral

    brand new BBW Nova Ortiz does her first sex scene

    Nova is gorgeous!
  3. Black Spiral

    New Bbw Studios At Clips4Sale.com

    There's something extraordinarily hot about watching a woman on the toilet... I suppose it's one of the great taboos, since you're seeing them at their most vulnerable...
  4. Black Spiral

    Jessica Lust in Interrupted Cam Show

    I'd be honoured to have you drain my balls...
  5. Black Spiral


  6. Black Spiral

    Teach her a lesson, Update 606!

    Nixx, I'd certainly like to give it a go!
  7. I'm loving your pictures... Your husband is a very lucky man!

  8. Black Spiral

    Lard Wars: A Star Wars Parody

    Those are the girls I'm looking for...
  9. Black Spiral

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    That could turn into a bad habit... I like it!
  10. Black Spiral

    Reintro! :D

    Welcome back.
  11. Black Spiral

    Jessica Lust in Introducing Jessica

    Absolutely irresistible!