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    Tall, dark, handsome male, Looking for a UK lady over 25 stone to crush me into submission. No weight too great. Would consider being squashed under several ladies together
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    Looking for a UK lady over 25 stone to crush me into submission
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  1. luvsdombbws

    Vanilla now weighs 804 Pounds!

    800 lbs !, and yet I still would love for you to sit on me :)
  2. luvsdombbws


    Hi ladies. Would love to see any of your ssbbws resting a foot/ boot /shoe on the chest/belly of a guy. Must be some ladies out there who've tried it :)
  3. I think the title pretty much says it all. I've been squashed many times, generally by ladies in the 12-18 stone region, and although love it, i really want to try much heavier. Not looking for sex, and squashing would be fully or semi clothed, not naked. Pinning me down, sitting on my chest, belly, and using your belly to smother me whilst i try to escape all do it for me. Hopefully there are some ladies in my area who would love to have a couple of hours of fun, and maybe, just maybe, show me whos boss. luvsdominantbbws@gmail.com or on here. Thanks