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    We are always looking for new models, if interested, please contact us :)

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  1. TheBigCuties

    BigCutie Eve is a Sundae Girl

    When you’re in the mood for something sweet only a huge bowl of ice cream will do. You want a little taste of my chocolate? Come watch this sundae girl hurry up, hurry up and eat My Site: http://eve.bigcuties.com BigCuties Blog: http://www.bigcuties.com/blog More of me: http://bigcutieeve.tumblr.com http://twitter.com/bigcutieeve
  2. We've got another update from the gorgeous Dolli for you over at Bonanza! She's getting wet and messy for you in this update! There's a milk bath, a whole bottle of chocolate syrup, and lots of cookies too, come check this fat babe out! See this set, and many other models, at http://bonanza.bigcuties.com
  3. The summer is coming to a close and I thought I would show off the shorts I’ve been wearing. I used to not wear them often but for some reason this year I’ve been wearing them a lot! So all of these fit but I thought you’d enjoy seeing some of my ‘normal’ clothes this time. Plus I’m wearing them in a range of sizes, XXL to 3 (22/24).My Website: www.cherries.bigcuties.comThe BigCuties Blog: www.bigcuties.com/blogLove, CherriesFollow Me:www.twitter.com/cherriieswww.heyitscherries.tumblr.com
  4. A sweet fan sent Brianna this new top, but all those new pounds and inches have these seams already straining!! She loves sharing and showing off her bigger growing body! See this set and more at http://brianna.bigcuties.com
  5. TheBigCuties

    Cuddle with BigCutie Chloe

    Ever imagined yourself wrapped up in the blankets with me? My soft squishy fat pressing against you, keeping you warm. I'm inviting you to do just that in my new video! You can play with all my rolls and enjoy the views as I move on the bed SUBSCRIBE for over 100+ sets! -----> http://chloe.bigcuties.comSNAPCHAT -----> bigcutiechloeBIGCUTIES BLOG -----> BIGCUTIES.COM BLOG
  6. Hey everyone I’ve had a lot of comments and messages asking for my most current weight and I’m excited to say it’s finally out!Eating and stuffing in big feasts like my last update has really paid off and made for an exciting weigh-in. I hope you think so too. For me, I think this was one of the best weigh ins I’ve ever done and it was even a bit of a surprise. Which to me, is very sexy.So I’ll stop talking and invite you to go watch my weigh and celebrate with me at my highest weight ever! Xoxo,Lily My website: BIGCUTIES.COM - Model: Lily - Young beautiful plumper BBW with an incredibly belly that has been growing and gaining nicely!Big Cuties blog !!: BIGCUTIES.COM BLOG
  7. Ash has had a long summer staying inside, and she just couldn’t take ignoring the pool anymore!! The pool at her complex is often packed but it started out blissfully empty, come listen to her talk all about a run in she had with someone there! See this update and more at http://ash.bigcuties.com
  8. TheBigCuties

    Sun Flower

    I looooooove these pictures! Some of my favorite shots of all time are in this update, and I hope you like them too! I was feeling super sexy under the hot sun, especially after taking off my little dress and getting soaking wet. I could have stayed there all day! BoBerry My Site: boberry.bigcuties.comFree BC Blog: www.bigcuties.com/blogInstagram: @OfficialBoBerry
  9. Oh look at the size of my MASSIVE, sagging belly! Look how utterly HUGE I am now! I bet you NEVER thought I would get this big! I cannot believe I managed to squeeze my fat arse into this tiny dress too! It was such a struggle & I could feel all my fat jiggling like crazy as I bounced about, trying to tug the dress down over all my fat rolls.I LOVE being such a fat pig! I adore how tight most of my clothes are on me now, but they could always be A LOT tighter! Or even better, perhaps one day not fit me at all!http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/BIGCUTIES.COM BLOG
  10. TheBigCuties

    BigCutie Gigi is a Cozy Cutie

    My new update is up, and if you love belly rubs come play with me. I’ll show you my favorite activity before bedtimeWebsite: BIGCUTIES.COM - Model: BigCutie Gigi - Sexy Sweet Shy SSBBW Gigi has killer curves. Big Booty Belly and Boobs - Everything!Blog: BIGCUTIES.COM BLOG » Blog Archive » BigCutie Gigi is a Cozy Cutie!Twitter, tumblr, instagram: BigCutieGigi
  11. I wanted something sweet so badly that I decided to bake a cake. The batter smelled so good that I just had to eat a spoonful, and then another, and another… Xoxo, Skylar Come see this and more at:BIGCUTIES.COM - Model: Skylar - Irresistibly Stunning Plumper with curves that are out of control! BigCutie Skylar's pear shaped booty and growing belly will delight you. BBW beauty who is a foodie turned feedee <3 Free BigCuties Blog: BIGCUTIES.COM BLOG Twitter: @BigCutieSkylar Tumblr: https://bigcutieskylar.com
  12. We've got another new model over at Bonanza for you, come meet Erika! She's round and bubbly, and super cute, we just can't get enough of this happy, dimpled fat babe! Come check her out! See this set, and many other models, over at http://bonanza.bigcuties.com
  13. Have you met Gigi yet?? She's our newest BigCutie, and we just love her! She's got a gorgeous fat body, and a beautiful smile, we just can't get enough of her! She's got her first few updates up, come check her out! See Gigi's big fat adventures at http://gigi.bigcuties.com
  14. Hey! My second update and I am elated to show you my day with amazing views and my favorite sushi Find me at http://gigi.bigcuties.com http://bigcuties.com/blog/
  15. Hello again Here with another eating set but this time I got a little carried away! As you can see, this extra large feast could feed... idk... like 4 people maybe? I wanted to see how much I could eat on my own, just to challenge myself a bit. Come watch me enjoy this B I G feast! Xoxo, Lily My website: BIGCUTIES.COM - Model: Lily - Young beautiful plumper BBW with an incredibly belly that has been growing and gaining nicely!Big Cuties blog !!: BIGCUTIES.COM BLOG