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    I love being a big fat beautiful girl!

    I offering sessions from wrestling to squashing and trampling, prices start @ 450 a session. If seriously interested send me a message here.
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    Denver, CO
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    horses, people, modeling, experiencing life, meeting people
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    QueenSized, Shallow Hall, Dreamer, Racing Stripes
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    Remember The Name, Fort, Minor lots of christian and country music normally.

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  1. Are you seeking someone who is bold, intelligent, loves to have long conversations, someone who is accepting of almost everyone and tries to find the good in people, someone that is disabled, has a service dog and is a super size queen like myself, that shows kindness and love to others, unlike anyone else in your life probably! I am a social butterfly and love knowing as many people as possible in real life! Not looking for just online conversation or just texting, so please note I am seeking real life interactions, we all live life once and I want to be the impact that I see in this world, this is not for fame or to be an idol! This life is precious and I want to be the impact I see in this world, I want to fight for the injustices in this world and really stand to make a change, not just the online community but for everyone that is affected by size, from a size 0 to a size 30+, there need to fairness for all! Sept 1, 2018 I do offer foot fetish sessions (you giving) and love pedicures and having my legs and feet massaged and worshipped, however I do charge for that, however its less then a normal session, but please contact if interested! I do offer sessions and can come to you (on your dime) or you can come to the New Mexico Area, as that is were I am living now, sessions start as 350 an hour for anything from squashing to smothering, to human furniture, sitting on top of chest as a chair! I also offer date services if you want to bring a large women like myself as arm candy for an evening, however this is not about sex or sexual acitivites and you must know that first and foremost, if you are interested in having me be your date on an adventure, traveling, a nice restaurant or even a dance or something like that I would be more then willing! Please contact me to discuss prices and what you are seeking! Also if you want a special outfit for me to wear, you can design it and all that, I do have a designer in LA who can make something special for me on your behalf, I would be willing to wear something special just for u, but I will not be paying for it myself! She accepts paypal mainly but also USPS money orders! You design it, I wear it, please note due to the size of my body, I am unable to wear HEELS because Ive been told by doctors because of my small ankles and legs that I can break an ankle, which by the way has happened. I would however be willing to wear flats or sandals of some sort for you! Wrestling is 700 per 3 match session with a 3 second hold, most wrestling sessions are consider sparing for wrestling and you can view old videos on www.youtube.com/wrestlegabi Please NOTE I DONT DO extended wrestling sessions, only best out of 2/3 wins, please do not ask, the answer is NO!! Also I only wrestle people who are 200lbs or less, for safety reasons! I do offer a discount for people who do an extended time frame (squashing, human furniture, smothering, etc) and also willing to be photographed/vilmed for gaininggabi.com but this is the way I make my living and you must understand in life, that time is precious and we are not guarnteed tomorrow!! I also offer skype calling sessions were you can see my face and have an actual phone conversation through skype or to see me to eif your interested in that! I do offer skype sessions but I will not show you my pussy/ass, play with myself, etc, that is degrading to me and it isnt for me! Lastly I do offer custom videos, however at this time I am waiting to have enough income to but a new video/photo camera with excellent zoom, at least 15 MP and all that! If you know someone selling please let me know! 50% of the cost for the session must be paid up front via paypal or through a money order ONLY through United States Postal Money Order, I also accept gift cards/prepaid debit cards, but that is the only options! Please reach out to me here if you have further questions and things like that, or if you have an idea for a session or need anything that maybe I can assist with! Again thank you for your time and consideration! Peace, Gabi
  2. I missed u too honey! Hope all is well with you!
  3. Well thank you, I do realize modeling will be here when I return, but I want to do more then just model.
  4. Awww, that is so sweet! Why are you glad I am back?
  5. Look at how big I have gotten. My belly just keeps growing and growing! My belly is getting huge! Thanks to a local food bank I am starting to eat on a more regular basis!
  6. Thank you so much for the follow! Have a great weekend! Peace

    1. Wildman99


      Your very welcome my dear.I am still lonely & would love to met a gorgeous lady  like you or if not  available do you konow of a SSBBW or a BBW taht  weighs from 350 to 500 plu pounds/ Much love & respect

  7. Thank you so much for the follow! Have a great weekend! Peace

  8. I am suprised about your profile and u actually made a sorta profile, so thanks! Have a great weekend!

  9. Hey, this a GainingGabi.com, thinking about how I got my start with redhotphatgirlz.com and just reading stuff about what happened in 2014, how could I have missed that! Anyways I know the last several years have been difficult with keeping up with other webmasters and also to keep my site active, have been doing somethings in my life and really not pushing to have content all the time! Anyways I have realized that I want to contunie to model! I hope to be back shooting content and working with new models to get there feet wet, so see if they really want to be a "web" model! Anyways I am really hoping I should be back, *crossing my fingers* by probably Fall 2018. This picture was taken on May, 28, 2018. I hope to be back even more so with a super powerful force of nature! I have had alot of time to think being in and out of the hospital, I went Sepsis in 2017 (Not weight related), then got a blood infection in Jan 2018, then got MRSA Feb 2018, now my incisions and most of the MRSA is healed up! Now just have to wait for everything to close over, I will never have the same clean skin that I once did! As I get stronger and heal so you wont see a ton of different wounds and open sores, so you want I am willing to post pictures from the last 7 months! But I really want to come back and stronger then ever!!! I currently have another blood infection, because of the MRSA, the MRSA is gone, but the infection is now being sent away with Bactrim! BTW if you are curious who made the lace lingerie, that is KZ's work (KZ bigbabez) in California, thats her home base! Anyways if you have questions or thoughts or concerns post here or shoot me a private message! Talk to you all soon and thank you so very much for all the support those who have contunie to show support! Thank you! Much Love, Gabi