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    not so starving artist.
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    Toronto Ontario, Canada
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    corrupting the youth of tomorrow, naked photos, sexually explicit art, profanity, hot dogs, design, photography, cuddling, black clothing, traveling, staring at the sky, chipped nail polish, messy rooms, pretending to care, and lingerie.

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  1. lunalove

    ❤ BBW LUNA LOVE ❤ Big Belly Goth GF

    Hehe, thanks!
  2. You've heard of 'Big Tiddy Goth GF' well, I'm your BIG BELLY goth GF!I USED to just be a 'big tiddy' girl but as I've gained I've become massive in my tummy!It just keeps getting bigger and growing larger, so for comparison I've thrown on an old topto show just how gigantic my gut has become. This set and video was uploaded on WWW.BBWLUNALOVE.COM Vid also found on www.clips4sale.com/store/16922