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Phantasma last won the day on May 24 2019

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    Senior Member
  • Birthday 07/23/1986


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    It took me a long time to realize what a rad individual I am. Through victory, my chains are broken.


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    Fat, rad, geeky, traveling the world, making myself a better person than I was yesterday.
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    Dayton, OH
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    Stephen King, V.C. Andrews, J.K.Rowling...and so many more by various authors.
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    Horror is my favorite genre. Also like sci fi and comedy
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    Metal and classic rock. Sonata Arctica, a Finnish power metal band, has been my love since 2002. I've been to 15 concerts and met them countless times. My longest love affair <3

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  1. hello ,you so nice

  2. Phantasma

    Atlanta - Tokyo Valentine

    Anyone in the Southeast want to plan a group night at Tokyo Valentine in Atlanta with my partner and I? We were planning to go around Halloween! Message me