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Everything posted by lovessbbws

  1. lovessbbws

    Booty Appreciation 

    Beautiful anatomy of sexy curves and delicious thighs and butt. Want her on top squashing, smothering & trampling me. I would be in heaven.
  2. I wish I could have her on top of me in a photo shoot session. Love her butt & thighs. Be great to serve under her 840 lbs.
  3. lovessbbws


    Nice and pretty. Would enjoy snuggling up with her. I'm only 5 hours from Chicago and will travel.
  4. lovessbbws

    What Do Bbw's Enjoy About Facesitting?

    SSBBWBobbi you can sit on my face as I lay helpless under your butt.
  5. lovessbbws

    When did your BBW fetish start?

    Got into BBW's when I was approximately 11 - 13 yrs. old. Had 2 neighbors that were 250 lbs. or better. I got sat on by them after starting fights with my younger brothers all the time. After that, just got addicted to large women.
  6. lovessbbws

    From Hamilton, Ohio

    Just became a member earlier today. Posted a response about facesitting. I am interested in ladies who are curious and actually do facesitting full weight. Somehow this response to the thread wound up on last page of it. I really do enjoy being facesat by women. Thomas
  7. lovessbbws


    Beautiful and lovely anatomy. May have to travel 5 hours to Chicago and hang out. Send a message .
  8. lovessbbws

    Facesit Or Not Facesit, That Is The ?

    Preferred size is 400 plus pounds. I usually go from minimum of 250 pounds and up. The heaviest I had was 463 lb. woman in Houston sit on face on a 30 inch bar stool for 2 minutes. Pressure was intense and I enjoyed it. Have had several other women over 400 lbs. sit on face in bed and floor. Any women living near Hamilton, Ohio leave me a message if you want to sit on my face. Willing to travel also. Next I want to experience women over 500 lbs. and up (Kellie Kay, Mary Boberry, SSBBW Maria and others). To MystiqueFantasy I want you too. Leave a message and how to get in contact with all of you women. Thomas
  9. lovessbbws

    Boob & Belly Play With SSBBW Amazon Maria

    Want to meet Maria in person for squashing, smothering, butt drops and trampling. I live in Hamilton, Ohio. Message me.