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    Hamilton, Ohio
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    138 lbs.
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  1. I'm going stir crazy seeing all these women on sites after 8 months of not working due to surgery. I need to play
  2. lovessbbws

    Hello Again

    Welcome back. I'm sort of new on the site. Enjoy women of your size and bigger
  3. lovessbbws

    What Do Bbw's Enjoy About Facesitting?

    Be great to experience you in this setting. No woman is too heavy for me. Thomas
  4. Wish that was me. Thomas
  5. lovessbbws

    SSBBW Bobbi Jo Sweet & Innocent?

    Would enjoy being under you & being squeezed by your delicious thighs. Want to meet and experience women over 500 lbs.. Thomas
  6. She's HOT. Be great to experience her butt drops and more
  7. lovessbbws

    SSBBW Maria Breaks “Sturdy” Office Chair

    I want Maria full weight on my face. She can do full weight butt drops too. Thomas
  8. Want to experience you full weight on my face grinding until you cum. Referring to a post of yours.

  9. I want to experience your full weight as you rest your beautiful butt on my face. I can go about 2 minutes while a woman sits on my face. I am in Hamilton, Ohio.


  10. I'm located in Hamilton, Ohio and looking for at least 1 or more women for squashing, trampling, face sitting, jumping, butt drops & more. Tie me down and use toys, etc. on me. I will travel 5 to 7 hours for this to transpire. Thomas
  11. lovessbbws

    Booty Appreciation 

    Beautiful anatomy of sexy curves and delicious thighs and butt. Want her on top squashing, smothering & trampling me. I would be in heaven.
  12. I wish I could have her on top of me in a photo shoot session. Love her butt & thighs. Be great to serve under her 840 lbs.
  13. lovessbbws


    Nice and pretty. Would enjoy snuggling up with her. I'm only 5 hours from Chicago and will travel.
  14. lovessbbws

    What Do Bbw's Enjoy About Facesitting?

    SSBBWBobbi you can sit on my face as I lay helpless under your butt.
  15. lovessbbws

    When did your BBW fetish start?

    Got into BBW's when I was approximately 11 - 13 yrs. old. Had 2 neighbors that were 250 lbs. or better. I got sat on by them after starting fights with my younger brothers all the time. After that, just got addicted to large women.