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    I like to stay active. Keep in shape. Play sport. Drink beer. Other than that i'm a cool down to earth guy.
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    Working out, Running Swimming Music, Movies & Football.
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    Action, Thrillers, comedy

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  1. Liverpoolman

    Life on lockdown

    Hows everyone doing during the pandemic. Us In the UK are still on lockdown but things are opening up slowly slowly. More stores to open soon. The boredom is the hardest part. Whats everyone doing to keep entertained? Also what adventures have you's been getting up to ;) Any daytime naughtiness, now that its more quite, maybe traveling to somewhere remote for outdoor excitement. or late nigh hookups...
  2. Hi, I wonder whats happened to the UK community on the site. doesn't seem to be many here anymore. As you've read from my title im looking for a UK north west woman, to get to know and have some fun, fro locks and friendship with. I'm looking for a lady 20-40 non smoker, single or hubby lets you mingle haha. Physically i'm looking for someone just on the curvy side of things. Dress size 10 to 14. Preferably pear shaped. I love wide hips.. But yea personality wise someone easy to get a long with who likes adventure. Lifes a big sexy adventure to me. Tell me your wild experiences, ill tell you mine anyway ciao for now. Liverpoolman
  3. Liverpoolman

    Help to find a g-spot

    Most important thing first. Is make your lady RELAX. Very important. Start with a nice relaxing back massage. You can watch youtube videos and get a few massage techniques and repeat them through t your massage. Starting at her neck and work slowly down her back. To her lower back and slowly down. Dont forget to massage her ass cheeks. There are plenty of sensitive nerve endings under the skin that makes it feel nice. Then you can turn her over and start again from the front massaging the sides of her neck. Come down to her shoulders and chest work your way down again slowly. Dont forget to engage with the foreplay kissing and teasing. Lightly massage her breasts and nipples. If your going to stimulate her with your fingers, then make sure nails are trimmed and neat. (The vagina is a very sensitive area). Also make sure to use plenty of lube. Especially if she isn't wet yet. I usually use one hand on the clitoris and one hand inside the vagina on the G spot. Clitoral stimulation varies from woman to woman. Some like directly on the clitoris and some on the hood just above. Let her tell you what she likes best. The G spot is on the upper wall of the vagina roughly 2 inches within (assuming woman is lay on her back). I use my middle finger as its the longest. I go in roughly two knuckles deep. Curl your finger up and you should feel an area slightly rougher than the rest of the vaginal opening. Now use a come here motion to stimulate this area. Usually a firm motion but talk to your lady ask how it feels. Your other hand should be rubbing her clitoris. Make sure lube is applied because the clitoris is very sensitive and you dont want her sore before the G spot orgasm can arrive. In my experience a circular motion or two finger stoking works well. Both of these stimulation at the same time will help her to orgasm more intensely. Her G spot will start to engorge as more blood goes to the area. It will swell, and you will feel it. Keep the pressure on. The feeling may get too intense for her and she might push your fingers out but thats mainly because of these contractions she's dealing with. Stop for a little bit and relax if needed. Then go back to it. It might take some time but her body is responding. As she becomes more aroused you can use another finger inside the vagina continuing the motion. As for squirting there is much debate out it. Some say its urine some say its vaginal fluid. But in my opinion As the G spot is directly under the Bladder. it could possibly be pushing urine out of the urethra. I don't know the Jury is sitll out as to whether it is a vaginal secretion or urinary in nature.
  4. Liverpoolman


    Hi guys, New member. Looking forward to making friends here.
  5. Liverpoolman


    CJ has some great content and some pretty models on his site. Being a black male of similar build i often imagine myself as CJ, having fun with these ladies. I learn new positions from his videos, which i use in my own love life often. Although his site doesn't have the same sheen and quality of big competitors like plumperpass. He does have a strong foothold in the bbw interracial niche and He also has content with some well established stars such as Vanessa blake, sasha juggs & Victoria secret. If i go to America, I would love to be a male talent on his roster, If he's ever willing to share the ladies that is haha.