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  1. I was at the Shriners Club enjoying the band as usual. I was always asked to dance by Kim, a SSBBW half my age. Somewhere around 36-39. She noticed I was there often. "You look good in that beard Jon" , Kim said. "And sexy looking for a man of your age." "Well thank-you", I replied. As we danced, I was told by her that my dancing turns her on. Then she pointed towards the bar, telling me the bartender was her boyfriend and she tease's him by dancing with other men. Told me he was her cuck and if I knew what that was. I answered "Yes, that me and my ex was swingers and knew the cuckold term". "Dale there over the bar is trained to watch me get fucked by other men", Kim said to me. When the band went on break Kim and I went outside. We went over by my car which was parked in a dark area. "I'm curious of that bulge I feel when we bump and grind on the dance floor". She undid my pants and screamed, "Holy Shit! I never had a cock that big!" " You're coming home with us big DADDY!" As her boyfriend drove the car, Kim couldn't take her hand of off my cock. "You're going to see a real experienced big cock pleasing this baby, Dale!" We got into the house, and Kim undressed. "Does this young fat girl turn you on, Big Daddy ?" "I want you to face sit me, Princess", I said. As she face sat me, she told Dale to suck my dick to keep it hard while I was getting her wet. Then she lowered herself onto my hard-on. I pumped away. Then she got on all fours. "Jon fuck my ass hole." As I inserted into her butt hole, she commanded Dale to finger her pussy. As I moved my cock in and out of her , I told her she was a naughty princess and started to smack her ass. That gave her an orgasm. " I need to fuck Dale's ass like you fucked my ass, Jon," Kim said. She put on a strap-on and ordered Dale to suck my cock until I exploded and swallow it. During that time Kim was fucking Dale's ass and saying I gave her the best sexual experience and wanted to move in with me. "