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  1. My type is as follows a short women with a heart shaped butt and tight fitting yoga pants. Sassy and confident. I like her to tease me with her nails; to rub them up and down my arms. When I look at her I see a part in her hair part at the top ; she’s wear lip gloss over full plump lips. She twist her large hoop earrings slightly making sure I notice her long square nails. She whispers “what’s your fantasy”. Over my bearing drum of a heart I say “to lick them.” She traces her chubby fingers along my face; rubbing the smooth tops over the cheeks going to the top of my head then letting me feel the length of nails behind my head and back of the neck. She pulls back, with her arms crossed I still see the nails settled on each forearm her bust is trying to escape her shirt. I sit there inawe. I place my arm on the table trying relax myself. She grams my arm and entry caresses her nails up and down my now sensitive skin she reaches up my should over my jaw and finally give me a taste of one long nail. She sees the intensity in my eyes rise and she pulls her hand out. “If you want more you have to pleasure me”. I rise from chair and move to the bed she lays down I see the full side of her butt , three times the size of my head. I push my fave between her wholesome thighs and feel what I have been waiting for my entire life I wanted to live here. As I’m licking between her plump thighs I feel five long nails on my head. She places her other hand on her where my face is; two smooth nails on both sides of my cheeks. Feeling her nails moving to the ruthenium of my tongue I start expand even more in my jeans and slowly pull them off. I tell her it’s my turn. I sit in the bed and she moves into postion laying her big boobs on both of my thighs. She moves her head into postion and I see her earringssway she moves her hair back with only her nails. I see the part in her hair; her smooth forehead. I dream of her holding her face looking up at me while spare rope after rope over her nails, face streaming flowing over her head falling on her perfectly straighted hair. She tells me “i know I have to move slow you’ll end up cuming on these nails right away ” I smile knowing she’s right. She slowly moves her hand up and down along the shaft; with one set of claws she pulls my balls. Slowly pulling them towards the bed. She mentions “you know I can get any color you want.” I gasped feeling unlimited possibilities. Recalling all the research I did browsing Instagram of the long nail goddesses. Each had a spefuc syle, clothing choice and hairstyle. My favorite clothing was dresses, butt hugging shorts and yoga pants. What always makes me excited is how they never fail to show off the nails. Whenever a new photo is uploaded the lady’s have a few options: first the far away, shot this one shows off ample, round booty. With the hand placed by the side or on one of the hips; a few nails are visible. This gives the viewer chance to get ready for what’s to come. Next is is a video singling along to their favorite song. This is where a full hand comes out no matter where they are, the nails are in frame. Sometimes on the brest sometimes in the air waving along with the music but always there ready to tease. She looks up to me knowing the question excited me. My heart beating fast I can’t say anything. I look down to see her lips on the tip of the head with four nails stacked at base. One hand is on my abs full spread I can see the true length of each nail. I could feelwhat I had dreamed about for years. My request is for a rewrite. Play with the story how you wish I’ll add few things to enjoy: -foreplay, talking about the nails rubbing them on the body. body-plump and juicy -nail length 1/2 in - 1 in -hoop earrings and hair parting along the center ( I will include reference phots ) -nail color I prefer a red tone for the first storyafter that whatever you wish  feel free to message me about more details