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  1. As I was filming some other clips last night, I got so turned on by how huge and heavy my body is and how hard it is for me to film without an assistant... I just started thinking about how fat I have gotten, all the food I have been devouring at an increasingly gluttonous pace... Well, I had to touch myself, but truthfully I was out of breath before I even began... I got so hot and turned on when I had to struggle to use my wand because my fupa and belly are so huge that I can't really reach. I just kept saying how much fatter I wanted to get and taking dirty to the camera. Thinking about you watching me grow every step of the way, from my 500 body to a huge immobile 1000 pound goddess... And I came soooo hard, so many times for you baby! Available now at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com & My c4s store, FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  2. FoxyReenayeStarr

    Finally 500: Celebration Stuffing

    Join me this week for an all new update of me stuffing my face and huge gaining belly, plus my most recent Weigh-In clip coming soon to Reenaye.BBWFoxes.com
  3. So, as I have been editing my recent clips, it has become more and more evident how out of shape and immobile I have become. My costars or camera people are always having to help me get on and off beds, I am breathing heavy between scenes even when I am not moving... I am unable to sit up without assistance. So I saved some of my favorite behind the scenes struggles for you to enjoy. Watch me in all my morbidly obese glory as I struggle to shoot ya'll some hot ssbbw content. *Featuring Princess, Wood & Xutjja's fat arm. lol* Available now at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com & my FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  4. My sexy fat gf Xutjja and I have been gaining together for a while, but she feels that recently my gains have gotten out of control, and she begins teasing and taunting me for becoming the gluttonous immobile piggy that can barely get out of bed. She laughs at me and tells me where she sees my life going now that I am so fat I can hardly walk and she lovingly make fun of my endless porker appetite and what a defiant, lazy, facestuffing mess I have turned into at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com & my C4S store, FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  5. Join me this week for an all new video where we talk about my gaining and have a chat about my desires, goals and how good it feels to be so incredibly fat in an update you are going to love so much at Reenaye.BBWFoxes.com
  6. Casey is obsessed with the massive growing bellies on me and Asstronomy and we also can't get enough of her cute chubby gaining tummy. Join us as we massage each other's fat bellies sensually with lotion and talk all about our weight gain and what we love about one another's bodies, as we compare size and texture of our fat in this incredibly sexy new exclusive video at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com & FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  7. So, if ya'll have been following my recent updates, you know I weighed in last month at 504 lbs, but now I want to share with you my new gaining goals and my hottest weight gain desires in this sexy intimate video where I will tell what I would love to see happen to my huge growing body and how I intend to get there by stuffing myself constantly! You are definitely going to want to here all about my desire to become the fattest, sexiest immobile feedee ever in this incredible in-depth revealing clip available now at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com & my C4S store, FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  8. 2 Sexy SSBBWs give me Multiple Orgasms in this all new Exclusive Clip! Asstronomy & Xutjja love my huge fat belly, massive fupa and huge tits, and they use their hands, mouths and toys to make me cum over and over again in this super fat naughty 3-way girl on girl scene. Come watch as they lift up my huge belly and play with my fat juicy pussy until my eyes roll back in my head and I start to whimper and moan. They drive me to climax as my fat thighs quiver and I scream in ecstasy only at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com & my C4S store, FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  9. Join me in an all new update as I let you explore my massive growing fat rolls and hugely obese belly in sexy new photos and videos EXCLUSIVELY at Reenaye.BBWFoxes.com
  10. FoxyReenayeStarr

    I've completely outgrown my car

    Now that I am over 500 lbs, I have outgrown a lot of things, my clothes, my favorite chair, my bathroom. lol. But most significantly I have recently completely outgrown my car, to the point that I am literally too fat to drive it. Come watch me try to squeeze into this too tight space, as I overflow onto the steering wheel, and get my fat caught, trying to get out of the car. I can barely even fit my mountainous ass and thunderous thighs into the passenger seat, as you will witness, so the driver's seat is beyond challenging. It is honestly impossible to drive this car at my size. Come see this epic adventure in obesity at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com or at my clips4sale store, FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  11. Lolla Blaze came to town and I wanted to take her to get stuffed at my favorite new buffet, and we brought our skinny subby along to get us more and more plates so we wouldn't have to get up, and then we ate and ate until we were so full. I got so incredibly stuffed, I could barely walk back to the car, where of course I needed a big, fat belly rub for my overstuffed swollen belly! Come watch as I make an absolute spectacle of myself, waddling into the buffet and eating an enormous amount of food packed onto overflowing plates and rubbing my fat belly all while being filmed. I love putting my huge body and even bigger appetite on display for the world to see, and my fat sexy friend loves coming along for the tasty food and the show! Come witness the fat feast today at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com & my Clips4sale store, FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  12. Our Bellies have both gotten so huge, even though my massive 500 lb gut dwarfs her round belly, it is still really thick, jiggly and heavy. Come watch as we show you how amazing it would be to squeeze, wobble and get buried underneath the massive tummies as we lift them, drop them, flop them and plop them just for you baby EXCLUSIVELY at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com & FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  13. Join me in a sexy new SSBBW video as I attempt to get in the hot tub, and have to hoist my massive belly over the side, plus some incredible jiggles under the jacuzzi jets as I show off my growing body in a too tight bikini in an all new video this week EXCLUSIVELY at Reenaye.BBWFoxes.com
  14. Xutjja's huge body is so marshmallowy and soft, I honestly could not stop rubbing my hands over her huge, buttery smooth belly and kissing those sweet candy lips. And the way her hands explored every inch of my enormous, growing body was honestly so incredibly hot. I will be dreaming about her delicious kisses and perfect fat body every night until we can touch one on another again! Come see why this sexy scene made a lasting impression at ReenayeStarr.manyvids.com & FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  15. FoxyReenayeStarr

    Unbridled Gluttony Fat Chat

    I made an absolutely enormous Bitesquad order and I am ready to get completely stuffed as I talk to you all about my gains and how much I have been loving my fat, immobile body in this incredibly gluttonous, sexy stuffing video. You won't want to miss me ravenously packing my cheeks full of fattening foods, rub my enormous growing gut, and dish the details of my insatiable piggy appetite in this hot new clip at ReenayeStarr.ManyVids.com & FoxyReenayeStarr.com