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  1. I couldn't decide what I wanted so I ordered two entrees and when they arrived I was in the bath, but I was too ravenously hungry to get out and dry off so I just messily stuffed my fat face and massive growing belly int the tub. I was soooo glad I ordered two entrees, but truth be told my gluttony knows no bounds and that wasn't even enough food, because even when I am full and swollen I am always hungry. Join me as I burp loudly and shovel heaps of food into my face until I am completely engorged and overstuffed. Join me for this Messy Double Entree Stuff & Burp video at FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  2. FoxyReenayeStarr

    Mutual Belly Rubs

    Join me and Lacee Fox this week s we rub each other's majestically enormous bellies in this incredible new video. We talk about how much we have gained as we knead and squeeze one another's growing, soft tummies! Available now at Reenaye.BBWFoxes.com
  3. FoxyReenayeStarr

    3 BBWs Getting Naughty

    Join me and my sexy bbw friends, Wood & Princess as we get naughty caressing and massaging each other's fat, sexy bodies and kissing & sucking and squeezing galore. Three fat babes making one another so hot and horny as we play with one another in this incredibly erotic new video you definitely need to see at FoxyReenayeStarr.com and ReenayeStarr.ManyVids.com
  4. FoxyReenayeStarr

    Full Belly Masturbation

    Last night my subby bought me food and I hate an enormous mountain of fattening goodies and stuffed my belly so full. I was so turned on with such a swollen gut that I had to get off... I multiple orgasm because I was so aroused by my own gluttony and my full stomach. I kept coming until I absolutely exhausted myself and couldn't move. You won't want to miss this incredible show as I pleasure myself into euphoria with a heavy, stuffed fat belly at FoxyReenayeStarr.com and ReenayeStarr.ManyVids.com
  5. Join Alexis Rain as she hops on and gets off! My huge, jiggly fat belly is known to rub a girls clit just right until she cums and Alexis being the fat admirer she is, can't wait to get her panties wet on my big wobbly flabby gut! Come watch me jiggle and shake and get very turned on as my hot muscular partner rubs up against me feverishly and in different positions until she has a massive orgasm all over my fat belly! You will not want to miss the hot girl on girl action in this incredible belly tribbing video at Clips4Sale: FoxyReenayeStarr.com and ManyVids: ReenayeStarr.ManyVids.com
  6. Okay, so I said 2 bellies, but since we both have double bellies, maybe we should call it four. Anyway you choose to look at it, there is certainly an AMPLE amount of fat to go around this week as I am joined by my beautiful and super jiggly fellow Fox, Lacee! Come see my new exclusive photos and video plus TONS of new updates coming soon at Reenaye.BBWFoxes.com!
  7. FoxyReenayeStarr

    Wood Fucks my Deep FatRolls

    Wood and I both anticipated making this scene. I have noticed their handiwork fucking rolls and what bigger rolls to fuck than mine. Well, it finally happened last weekend in Chicago and let me tell you my huge mountains of pounds had an enormous workout, and so did Wood. Come watch as I completely climax, from the sheer hotness and fatness of that purple thick cock so deep inside my rolls with Wood grabbing every squeezable inch of my fat in this incredibly massive new video FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  8. I wanted to go to the beach but there was no handicapped parking, so I decided to hit up the Candy Shoppe in my favorite bikini and get some candy and delicious Ice Cream instead! Watch me waddle around in public with my huge ass jiggling all of my mountainous fat rolls hanging out for all to see. Watch me in the candy store, devouring a huge ice cream cone and waddling my wobbly, full belly back to the car in this super sexy new video at FoxyReenayeStarr.com!
  9. Over 50 ounces, an entire pitcher, with added ingredients such as Butter, Cake Mix & of course 2 fat scoops of Weight Gain Powder. I am taking my recent gains really seriously and have been stuffing myself around the clock to achieve my goal of 500 lbs, but this WGS is really the top of the mountain. I know it's hard to believe, but I am so thirsty to be the fattest I can be, and I chugged that WHOLE PITCHER. Over 8,000 Calories in ONE SHAKE, and my belly was so swollen for literally 24 hours. I was the fullest I have EVER been and all I could do was lay in the tub and then in the bed and sleep afterwards. Watch the ENTIRE process from start to finish. You definitely do not want to miss this obese spectacle. Check it out at My Clips4Sale Store, FoxyReenayeStarr.com or my Many Vids Store
  10. FoxyReenayeStarr

    Juicy Jiggles

    My Sexy New Update at Reenaye.BBWFoxes.com has just posted, and my members are in for a treat. In addition to all the hot new pics, this week's SSBBW Gainer Girl Video is hotter than a Florida Summer!
  11. Me and my piggy pal Olivia Jaide are super into the way you have been watching us. We see that big, hard dick you have been sporting for your two favorite fat piggygirls. And we really want you to stroke it for us while we oink and snort for you... But you can't cum until your piggies tell you to. And until we allow you to climax, these piggies are going to enjoy the show of you stroking that cock while you fantasize about fucking our huge fat rolls and hear our naughty, horny piggy sounds ONLY at FoxyReenayeStarr.com and my NEW ManyVids Store.
  12. It's been about one month since I weighed in on my quest to break that 500 lbs barrier and make me truly epically huge. I have been eating sooooo much and you are going to be so turned on when you see how massive my gains are in such a short time, plus let me tell you how many calories I have been eating daily and what methods I am using to get sooooo FAT in this incredible and impressive new clip at FoxyReenayeStarr.com
  13. This was taken the first time I put my full weight on Kevin and I could literally hear his ribs crack as he was wheezing for breath. He said he was fine, but later told me how sore his chest was for weeks afterwards. I warned him he wasn't ready for all of this BIG BOOTY but I also didn't hold back when he said he wanted it. He got it alright, nearly 500 lbs of heavy, thick fat piled on top of him as I literally took his breath away. Come see the incredible EXCLUSIVE footage at FoxyReenayeStarr.com!
  14. The Seventh Wonder of the World: The Enormous, Dazzling, Stupendous Fattest woman you have ever seen, Jolly Reenaye is here to show off her unbelievable, incomparable curves by jiggling, wobbling, dancing, and massaging that obese growing belly in this hot Vintage Homage to the Freakshow Fatties from the past ONLY at FoxyReenayeStarr.com!
  15. FoxyReenayeStarr

    DoubleStack Breakfast Stuffing

    I have been ordering take out several times a day and overstuffing my mouth and belly with every food imaginable as I push myself to gain so I can finally reach my goal of becoming 500 lbs. My appetite has become increasingly voracious and I am growing faster than ever before. Come watch as I go full gluttony on my yummy Breakfast Cuban Sammie and tell you all about my huge growing belly and my gaining journey in this incredibly overindulgent piggy video at FoxyReenayeStarr.com