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    Love It When A Bbw Pins Me Down

    (I was on this forum a LONG time ago but forgot all about it, and just rediscovered the place.) Anyway, saw this thread and thought, "Yeah... I can totally get into that." But for me, it kind of goes best with a BBW who is not only big/heavy but pretty strong too. I was on a different forum telling some people about an ex-g/f built that way. She was a former gymnast (although probably one of the bigger/heavier ones at the time), and just kept up with most of the stuff as she put on some more weight over the years. She was only 5'3" or so and about 285lbs. when we were first dating, but she could easily do hand-stands and hold herself up in that position for a pretty long time. She had really massive legs though, including some really huge, bulging calves that she'd randomly get compliments on if she wore leggings or shorts in public. She used to encourage me to hop on her back and get piggyback rides, and could hold me for the whole time we played a game of billiards. It was really cool asking her to squat down lower or go up on her tip-toes, or move one way or the other when I was trying to take my shot while riding her! (I'm 5'9" and was close to 200lbs. at the time so this was fairly impressive!) After a while, I could tell she was putting on more weight and getting a pretty impressive belly hang. But she never stopped doing the feats of strength. She started playing around with carrying me, piggyback, up a steep flight of stairs that led to her second floor apartment, whenever we came back from going out someplace. The first few times, she struggled a bit by the top steps -- but she got better at it with practice until it she made it look easy! She said, at one point, that her older sister was bigger than her (weighing 340lbs.) and she wanted to become the bigger one. She asked me what I thought of the idea, and while I was a little surprised? I just nodded and said "Cool! Yeah... go for it!" Never did find out exactly how heavy she got -- but pretty sure she accomplished her goal. She had an amazing belly capacity, and used to chug down 1 liter drinks in under 30 seconds easily. On a camping trip, one time, she was goofing around tilting her head back and dropping hot-dogs in her mouth, one after the other, swallowing each one whole. I remember sitting on the back bumper of one of our cars, that night and she came up and sat down on it next to me. It hadn't squatted almost at all with my weight on it but it dropped down LOW as soon as she sat down. Fooling around in the bedroom, play wrestling? She could literally pin me just under the weight of her massive legs. And it was honestly lucky for her she didn't have anyone living below her in that apartment. I don't think she even realized it but when she'd get up and jog across the room to grab the phone, it really shook the floor!