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Sah X

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    Laval, QC, Canada
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    Reading, Sketching, that's all for the moment.
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    Guess by yourself
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    VERY ocassionally. Not a smoker, just a hipster.
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    A lot...
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    Hip Hop, Pop, Classical music, Jazz, Blues, Groovy, R&B, AfroBeat, Rap, J-Rock, J-Pop, a little of K-Pop (but not really my thing) , Reggae.

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  1. She: **posts a picture.** Me: **just commenting some positive words for a first time by incentive politeness.** She: "I see your comments but I never see from you any donation." Me: Like seriously, I heard and read these kind of situations a little too much. Stop it. #theconcernedfeedeesgainersorregularwomeninandoutsidetheinternetshpuldreallystoptodothat #youneedsomeetiquettedonations #iamablackmalemillenialmpathologicallyallergictomeaninglessfoodslashmoneydigging #thatsnothowitworks #truestory
  2. Sah X

    Barely recognizable

    Would anyone had experienced any shocking self-realization or noteworthy personal story after have gained so much you'd look hardly similar to your slimmer self? Lest know or knew somebody who went through such point? Tell your stories.