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  1. BuangJarno


    Looks delicious. Love the nipple
  2. BuangJarno

    Pleased to meet everyonr

    Thanks everyone =)
  3. Hey thanks for reading. Next month of august i am going to the Philippines to my girlfriend. We have been videocalling alot and talked about alot of stuff. But we also talked more about our fantasies. We talked about our fantasies and what we would try in the bedroom. Or somewhere hehe. We have talked about what i like alot (thats receiving a goldenshower) and she would love to do it. From there on it kept going. And came to the subject of strapon dildo. (Anal stimulation to a guy is pleasant) and also very quickly about a doubledildo. So in august we will have alot of fun and i am going to post about the adventures. My gf is only 4'9 tall and weights 188lbs i am 5'8 and weight 165lbs
  4. BuangJarno

    Pleased to meet everyonr

    Hello all, My name is Jarno. And i'm from The Netherlands. I am 28 yrs, 5'8 long and into bbw's since my teenage years. I have a relationship with a filipina bbw. She will become my wife next month. Hope we all can have some fun here
  5. BuangJarno

    First time you knew you were attracted to BBW

    I was still a teenager of 18/19 when i was more attracted to bbw ladies When i was also working on a market stan, i always saw alot of women. And my eyes always went to the chubby or larger ladies. They where more appealing to me. It took me a bit to accept it from me. Because of media people get brainwashed by only the skinnier people. Lucky we have now more plussize models. Thats its also becoming normal. And im also lucky that i a bbw asian as my girlfriend and future wife.
  6. I love to get a facesit, getting a golden shower and i like to lick your ass