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    Love of nature, dancing, teasing and cuddling.


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    Cutie BBW in my 20's, Gainer, Feedee, Sub sometimes Dom, metal-head meets unicorn. Huge heart and thighs
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    LOTR, The Elegance of The Hedgehog, Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit, Sword of Truth Series, Druss The Legend, Throne of Bones.
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    Food, friends, nature, reading, 420, singing, swimming, dancing, late-night drives to see the stars, making-out in the backseat.
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    Every Baz Lurhman film. Beauty and The Beast. Braveheart. Evil Dead.
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    Colter Wall, Ben Howard, Noah Gundersen, Fleshgod Apocalypse, SLAYER, Daughter, Duke Dumont, WHTKD, Solange, MNEK, Bardi Gang, Queen Bey, Cannibal Corpse, Gillian Welch, Odesza etc...

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  1. I was so desperate for sexual relief - but like only the kind a vibrator could give me. I was house sitting for a friend and I used her dildo/vibrator. I cleaned it first and after but I never told her lol Ive also been desperate enough to insert a banana into myself lol
  2. CutieChubbieBunnie

    What Are You Watching On Netflix, Hulu, Etc Right Now?

    Black Spiral I have watched all Brooklyn nine nine it's so funny! Who is your fave character? I love Captain Holt! Im watching all the reality baking challenge shows like "Sugar Rush" and "Zumbos just desserts"
  3. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Best Song To Play While Having Sex?

    Notorious BIG's music makes me want to suck dick. Idk why - he just always gets me in that mood. Rn tho-
  4. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Favorite Drink/drinks

    Pop: Lemon Perrier Alcoholic: Vodka Cran right now just really feeling it for summer - but for winter Kraken and Coke. Hot: White hot chocolate Im a stoner so like *ice water* is also incomparable.
  5. Heyyy so I just read a beautiful comment that was so cute. He was sharing a memory of this time he saw a large gorgeous woman get on the bus and how awestruck he was by her. So gentlemen (and ladies) please share some FA memories you have of oggling big ladies and the times you knew for sure you loved BBW's! I think it's so cute to hear from a bystander's perspective
  6. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Favourite big butt girl ?

    I'm biased because she is my friend but plump princess has the best butt I've ever seen!
  7. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Summer Fun Idea For Ssbbw And Bbw

    super cute idea
  8. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Loving Fat Women

    That was really beautiful and very respectfully written. Your story about the woman on the bus was fun and I felt like I could feel your awe! I've always felt this way about myself but it is never easy to really see oneself in this way - from a bystander perspective. Thank you - I loved this!
  9. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Tid Bit's About Yourself

    Smol haunting tidbit - hope this loads for you. IMG_1763.mp4
  10. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Tid Bit's About Yourself

    Well you guys should know that I am a classically-trained singer and that I am actually quite talented! It's my main talent so I'm not shy about it! My sound is like Adele meets the Phantom of the Opera meets Disney princess.
  11. Excuse me but you are gorgeous. 

  12. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

    Praline's and cream
  13. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Cut Or Uncut?

    Cut but only because I am inexperienced with the other.
  14. CutieChubbieBunnie

    what are you listening to?

    Imagination - Gorgon City
  15. CutieChubbieBunnie

    Face Sitting

    Jondoe909 U so cute