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  1. BigCutieSadie

    Feed this Fatty!

    Man I am hungry. I have been shooting new sets for you guys and it is a lot of work! I mean moving around when you are as a big and curvy as I am, it’s exhausting! So needless to say I needed to stuff my face! I was a total piggy and I enjoyed every minute of it! http://www.bigcuties.com/blog http://sadie.bigcuties.com/
  2. BigCutieSadie

    Hugely Hipnotic

    I enjoy experimenting with the lighting for new sets. I enjoy seeing how they make my fats and jiggles as I move to and fro. Not only that, you can see all my dimples of cellulite and every stretch mark and crease I’ve got! Heehee. Hope you enjoy! http://www.bigcuties.com/blog http://sadie.bigcuties.com/
  3. BigCutieSadie

    Cakes and Cuddles

    Curvy woman eating cake in bed? Sign me up! I think there is only one better thing besides having all of my massiveness be nestled into a comfy bed, and that is having a night time dessert in said comfy bed. I love rubbing my belly to make sure it is processing all of this cake I am taking on. It is like I can almost visualize my rolls getting bigger with every bite. I know you’ll enjoy watching me eat this scrumptious cake as much as I am enjoying eating it! http://www.bigcuties.com/blog http://sadie.bigcuties.com/
  4. BigCutieSadie

    Day to Day Q and A

    I always get asked many a question about being the big fat lady I am. From my day to day to more specific things. So I hope you like this q and a. So I decided to show you some fats and answer some. There’ll be more to come! http://www.bigcuties.com/blog http://sadie.bigcuties.com/