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BigCutie Chloe

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    Im Chloe and i love music, food and being lazy!
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    New England
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    check my bigcuties site!
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    anything Nicholas Sparks, i loved The Hunger Games and Fifty Shades series
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    ;) wouldn't you like to know
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    photography, fashion and food
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    i love movies i could never list all of the ones i like, recently I've liked everything i have watched!
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    country, maroon 5!, Sam smith, Beyonce, literally everything

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  1. remember when... this was one of my very first videos I filmed over 2 years ago! I was at the store and saw the tights, and found only 2 in my "size" so i thought it would be so fun to film this again and see what has changed! I hope you like it as much as the first time I busted through my tights xoxo Chloe SUBSCRIBE TO MY SITE ----> http://chloe.bigcuties.com SNAPCHAT-------> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG-------> http://www.bigcuties.com/blog
  2. BigCutie Chloe

    BigCutie Chloe Barbie Girl!

    New update!!! In my element with this pink barbie shirt and tiny booty shorts! I'm thinking they need to come out with a fat barbie, modeled after me of course ;) Watch me shake my ass to barbie girl and put on a show for you! xoxo Chloe FIND ME HERE ----->http://chloe.bigcuties.com SNAPCHAT ----> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG ------>http://www.bigcuties.com/blog