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  1. justjay

    Give Me A Immobile Fantasy

    I've mentioned this a few times on here before, but I've always loved the thought of getting restrained by being sat on by a larger woman. I've had this fetish ever since I was a kid, and have had a few real life experiences along those lines. I'm not exactly the biggest guy at around 5'5 and aprox 140 lbs. One fairly memorable experience happened when I was around 21 I was attending this pool party in my neighborhood. It was really late at night, and things were getting a little wild. There was a woman there who was probably a bit older then me, around 5'8 or 5'9, and perhaps around 270 or 280 lbs, as best I could tell. She was slightly intoxicated and figured, for some reason, it would be a fun idea to humiliate me in front of her friends. So she tackled me to the ground, and got on top, sitting astride my stomach/chest, and holding on to my wrists. She spent the next little while taunting me a little, but mainly chatting and laughing with her female friends. At one point I tried to get free by wiggling/squirming my way out from under her, which prompted her to move further up on my chest and trap my arms under her shins. After that, I knew there was no chance of escape. It was sort of a mixed feeling for me. I was sort of enjoying her position on top of me, as well as the feeling of being dominated and restrained. But it was also quite an intense ordeal being publicly humiliated in that manner, and not knowing how long she'd stay seated on me was a helpless feeling. I also remember how intimidating she looked, towering over me, and how small I felt, like a worm. She continued to taunt me for a bit, even gave me a few light slaps across the face, but eventually she just started ignoring me. She would drink, smoke and chat with her friends while still sitting on me. Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, she finally got bored and got off me, to my relief. I didn't stay at the party for long after that, because I felt a little stunned and uneasy by the experience. I needed time to process what had just happened. But eventually I started to feel more and more turned on, and was craving for it to happen again. From that point onward, I was determined to get back out to those parties as often as I could.
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    The Random Thoughts Thread Part Iv

    Insomnia sucks