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  1. sweetbambi

    The Random Thoughts Thread Part Iv

    Worked 5-midnight then had a late night date with a guy who has been chasing me for a few weeks. He is such a smartass and keeps me laughing. Picking me up again tonight.
  2. sweetbambi

    The Random Thoughts Thread Part Iv

    Love my job honestly. Working with the public is just my thing. Workload compared to the previous isn't too shabby either but the hours. The hours kill me. 2-12 yesterday and 12-9 today. More sleep please.
  3. sweetbambi

    The Random Thoughts Thread Part Iv

    It doesn't hurt anymore. I'm too excited with new things I have going on. Side business is taking off well. Start taking preorders for some products this week. Have 3 items ready. Nothing has motivated me more artistically than seeing people enjoy my artwork. Bambi is doing big things.