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  1. When last I spoke I explained that I'll be leaving this page and I shared a link to a my Facebook page. Well that didn't work as Facebook deleted my page within 48 hours. I didn't even do anything wrong... so that was lame. So I made a Twitter account they are much more accepting. I've attached a photo with my Twitter name. I've also already posted a new photo so don't miss out. 

    Again my email address is Solamentemia63@gmail.com I do check that and my Twitter is luscious_eruption (@lusciouserupti1): https://twitter.com/lusciouserupti1?s=09

    That is the only place I'll be doing any type of updates for now. 

    Hope to see you all on Twitter soon. 


  2. So its sadly that time. But I have got to go. This site isn't what it was years ago and I just want to try something different for a while.

    My email is Solamentemia63@gmail.com.I made a Facebook add me my name is Mia Solamente.

    I'm thinking of making a Twitter and Instagram and a private snapchat for my paying members. If I do all updates will be made on my Facebook page so please add me if you want to stay in touch.

    Also email me anytime I'll do my very best to reply to all messages as I have always tried to do so on here.

    I'm working on providing a daily sexing service for my members as well so look out for that update on my Facebook as well. My Facebook page is brand new so cum watch it grow with me. 

    Much love to you all. My tits and ass will miss this site but at least you all won't have to miss me. Happy sex and orgasmic wishes to all. 

    -( . )( . ) Mia 


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    2. laurier


      Good luck Mia i will miss you.

    3. wishihadabbw


      lol effing facebook

    4. Black Spiral

      Black Spiral

      I don't have Facebook but I do have twitter and Instagram.

  3. New photos. Leave comments :D


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    2. Mia Sola

      Mia Sola

      I post GIFs and vids like this a lot. But no one really comments that much anymore :(

    3. Lovethembbw


      Actually the site is dying but still there are some of us who are trying to keep up lovely ladies like you active. Get it posted, we are ready to admire the beautiful lady always

    4. Mia Sola

      Mia Sola

      I do kinda feel like this site is dying :( I've thought of joining a new one like this but I'm not a fan of change.