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Miss Brandi Sparxxx

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    Miss Brandi Sparxxx


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    Fetish Clip maker. love fulfilling fantasies visually while making money to buy more pampering stuff for myself. 


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    making clips and draining cocks and being worshipped
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  1. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    Recliner Chair DESTROYED ssbbw 30 minute clip - 1080HD BUY IT SEE IT HERE Outfit: Pink Skull cheeky Panties, Gray shirt no bra, and pink slippers with Red nails. about 24 minutes body crushing this chair, and about 6 minutes feet crushing it Watch how WIDE my hips and thighs and ass make this chair. before it gets completely trashed. Watch it slowly break apart because it just cannot handle the girth and weight of Miss Brandi. Watch the foot rest and arms get destroyed as you get hornier knowing that my panties are getting more and more wet through out the clip. feels so damn good to feel things crumble, crunch, splat, disintegrate, or melt under me BUY IT SEE IT HERE https://clips4sale.com/131627/sparks-131627/ciddff951571e616051efe52751d8 recliner_destroyed_ssbbw_131627PREV.mp4
  2. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    Archived Clip! Ass cantaloupe crush! ssbbw BUY IT SEE IT HERE!!!! Found this clip along with several others that were uploaded to the c4s server last year, but I only kept them up for sell for a few days! Did you miss your chance to buy this clip? Well now is the time! I'm wearing a black lace body stocking and I tease the hell out of you (cantaloupe) by lightly sitting on you and rubbing everything onto you and also smothering you including belly, pussy, and ass. (shaved pussy and biggo ass & belly) The teasing goes on through out the whole clip until I finally put a board down onto your head and sit full weight. Watch the poor guts spew out in the end! It can handle the weight BUY IT SEE IT HERE!!!! https://clips4sale.com/92139/sparks-92139/cidb56b0028eb4ba01fe654d9b914 prev_CANTALOUPE_ASS_CRUSH_92139_1537355302.mp4
  3. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    LOOK UP - BELLY FUCK - WORSHIP SSBBW LOOK UP - BELLY FUCK - WORSHIP SSBBW BUY IT SEE IT HERE!!!! outfit: black bra, black silk skirt (same outfit as the september weigh in and measuring clip) views: 1080HD good quality looking up at Miss Brandi Sparxxx You (cam) are on your knees which is the preferred position Miss Brandi enjoys putting you in. Look up at my big fat powerful body and worship. I pour almond oil on my big belly and tell you to first lick it off!LICK. Worship... yah good boy "Put your tongue in there" as I slide a finger half way into my belly button. "That's the ONLY hole you will ever get. Get in there!" I continue frantically fingering my belly button pretending it's your tounge going in and out thrusting and pleasing me. Watch my big belly bounce, jiggle, and plop. The stretch mark ridden fat of the belly waves and ripples with each thrust. "Get in there deep!" I continue pleasing myself and moaning until I cum from the belly button fingering. I rub my belly and tease you more showing you just how big it really is with glimpses of my huge FUPA (pussy mound) along with glimpses of my adorable thigh fat rolls. I also plop my belly in front of your face. "There's so much there for you to clean and worship every day. Got it? Say Yes Miss Brandi... Say it!" I fuck my belly a little more and then tease you some more. BUY IT SEE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!! lookingUP_BellyFinger_MISSBRANDI_f_131627_preview.mp4
  4. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    put your dick in there after you tounge fuck it too!
  5. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    HOT BBW Measure & Weigh-In Mistress Brandi 1080HD For today's Math Lesson, we have my September weigh in & measurements. (hint, i'm more heavier than what I have listed on my store front page) After showing you how much I weigh, I measure the following: From Shoulder to Shoulder Chest / Breasts Upper Stomach, Lower Stomach, Biceps, Calves, Pussy Mound width <--never measured it before and i'm shocked at how wide it is! When I'm done I tell you to lick and worship as I tease you. BUY IT SEE IT HERE! september_weighin_measure_brandi_1316271preview.mp4
  6. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    6X pantyhose stockings put on Outfit: Black sheer lingerie dress with exposed nipples and breasts hanging out of the sides. Action: First sitting down to open up my new 6X black sheer pantyhose. "6X... these better fucking fit... the 4x 3x 5x didn't fit so these better!" I apply them to my feet and calves just fine, but that's always the easy part! now i stand up for the hard part as i jiggle wiggle and finagle the pantyhose over my big fat thighs. then... the big belly hang. After they are on I am excited because I FINALLY am able to put on a pair of pantyhose without my body ripping them! I tell you to lick my fat pussy mound and ass then I sit back down to put on my black slippers and end the clip with a little tease. Worship 1080HD BUY IT SEE IT HERE! https://clips4sale.com/131627/sparks-131627/ciddff951571e616051efe52751d8 pantyhose_putOn_131627preview.mp4
  7. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    ass in jeans?

  8. Miss Brandi Sparxxx


    Only cuz you said please please twice
  9. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    Giantess Jeans Ass squashing plushy - WORSHIP 1080HD I come home and walk in front of you as you look up at my ass in these jeans. I tell you to worship lick and kiss this ass. Then I decide I need a cigarette and smoke while sitting on you (plush teddybear). I use you as a nice ass cushion and rock back and forth on you. "you wanted this ass so bad, that's what you get!" I say as I stand up to reveal a completely FLATTENED object !!!!!BUY IT SEE IT HERE!!! https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/131627/sparks-131627#ciddff951571e616051efe52751d8
  10. Miss Brandi Sparxxx


    What's your favorite? LICK
  11. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    Thank you wolfy boy
  12. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    THREE NEW CLIPS BELOW. (SIDE NOTE THE CLIPS WORK JUST FINE HOWEVER C4S IS WORKING ON THE PREVIEW ERRORS EXPERIENCED CURRENTLY) bbw Smoking Barefoot ignore. buy it here: https://clips4sale.com/92139/sparks-92139/cidb56b0028eb4ba01fe654d9b914 bbw Smoking Nylon foot ignore. buy it here: https://clips4sale.com/129699/dirty-store/cide72a515d249cb5b84463de2e59 bbw Smoking belly button fingering. buy it here: https://clips4sale.com/131627/sparks-131627/ciddff951571e616051efe52751d8
  13. Miss Brandi Sparxxx


    Taking clip requests at fatfetishB@gmail.com Will post them to my BBW variety store here https://t.co/Mkz1CxRNEk?amp=1
  14. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    Human Dildo Slave - ssBBW In this 1080HD clip you have the pleasure of watching your fat mistress first using her favorite vibe to warm up and commanding you to lick. then using a shrunken man as a dildo. Saying things like "lick", "I don't care if you can't breath, open that mouth", "pay this pussy. worship this pussy every day" as I thrust the little man in and out of my FAT pussy and then squirt all over him! "I told you not to waste a single drop" I tell him after pulling him out and seeing the drenched body... "now you don't get to cum!" !! BUY IT SEE IT HERE !! human_dildo_slave_131627preview.mp4
  15. *bounceBBW Feet - Crush - Trampling Fetish? Click Here
    :licky:   BBW Sweaty Itchy Dirty Foot Worship Fetish? Click Here
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