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Miss Brandi Sparxxx

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    Miss Brandi Sparxxx


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    Fetish Clip maker. love fulfilling fantasies visually while making money to buy more pampering stuff for myself. 


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    making clips and draining cocks and being worshipped
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  1. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    ssBBW Belly DOMME with insults - NoNutNovember RUINED 1080hd - 8 Minutes BUY IT SEE IT HERE: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/131627/sparks-131627#cidce12de2bb509184821661ec4d2 Attitude: Mean, Dominating, yet horny. I plan on ruining your NoNutNovember pledge while I fuck my belly button. Insults, cum command (at the 6:55 mark you shall cum) & spitting in your mouth too... oh and forcing you to lick my pumps heels and also making you clean out my belly button before ANDafter you cum in it Dialogue / Action: I'm sitting in my chair with black patent heels propped up. "Hello my virtual slave... MISS ME? awwwww... well.... last time I told you to email me and you didn't... Today I'm going to teach you a lesson. You do what I fucking say... Or are you too stupid to follow rules? hmmm? Let's find out! come here.. LICK.. lick that dirty heel now! you are PATHETIC. lick!" I shove my high heel in your face I light up a cigarette and smoke "look at the precum starting to fill up your glands down there... you want my belly so bad, that's all you ever ask for. Please please let my have your belly button, it's the only thing I deserve'... Well you are right about that! THIS IS THE ONLY FUCKING HOLE YOU WILL EVER GET! There is no way you are getting through NoNutNovember.. you are going to give me that nut TODAY!" I tell you to lick as I pour almond oil on my belly. LICK. You are going to give me that cum tribute today. PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL" You are so pathetic, the only hole you'll ever get is this one, I dont know why you don't understand that.... I continue fingering my belly button and commanding you to keep stroking while you lick my belly button until I cum. I TELL YOU TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND THEN I SPIT IN IT.... DOESN'T THAT TASTE SO YUMMY? SAY THANK YOU MISS BRANDI! You look so thirsty! open up! I spit in your mouth and then tell you to swallow. Then I put a dildo in my belly button and tell you this is where your dick will go. Keep stroking, you are about to cum. stroke that fucking dick. I continue fucking my belly with the toy and spit on you again. I cum and then tell you to cum (CUM AT THE 6:55 MARK!!!!!) afterwards I tell you to clean it up as I swirl my finger around my belly button... Good boy PS: The more requests and contacts I get for a category means more clips are made in said category. Don't be scared to write me.
  2. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    Lucky Socks (nylon sweaty) 1080hd - 6 minutes - BUY IT HERE: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/129699/20570799/Lucky+Socks+(nylon+sweaty)#cide6203b70075824d32e7045c195 Attitude: Nice mixed with Bitchy. I ruin your masturbation and end up not letting you cum Back story: You are my ex and you've come over to ask details about the job interview I set up for you. I made sure to set up a good second job for you so you can keep spoiling me with gifts even though we are separated. Anyway, you are late as usual to come over and you are supposed to pay me back the $50 I lent you yesterday... Action / Dialogue: "hey...well come in.. do you have my fucking money?... What do you mean 'what money'?... You still owe me $50, and on top of that I set up the job interview for you so you better not be fucking late to that... I have stuff to do too. I can't believe you! late as always!" I sit down and tell you to sit "You really don't have my $50? That's unusual... because... well today I'm wearing my lucky socks. You remember those? It's been a year since you have seen them?... wow... So is your new girl into sweaty nylons? No? You can't find anybody that's into that fetish? Wow...." "Looks like you are running late to that interview that I set up which is fucking pathetic, you need that second job. SO, I'll let you cum on my lucky socks if you promise to give me that $50 fucking dollars. TODAY" I slide off my Clarks Mules Clogs and show off my lucky nylon sweaty socks "Take off your pants... you better go to that interview today, and you better get that second job! Start stroking..." I continue teasing you with these wide feet and ask how long it's been since you got this nylon foot pussy. "Keep stroking" I tease more and moan softly. HURRY UP YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE, KEEP STROKING... I moan softly again and tease you with my sweaty nylon socks....mmmm "TIMES UP! NOPE!! YOU TAKE THESE WITH YOU AND CUM ON THEM, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE YOUR LUCK WITH YOU" I shed them off and put them in front of your face waving the fragrant nylon socks in front of you. "Zip up your pants and put these in your pocket".... "Oh see you found the $50!!! What did I tell you!? They are lucky!!! Put the money on the table and get the fuck out! I'm done with you! SEE IT HERE!
  3. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

    Bbw Updates @ Clips4Sale.com

    Barefoot Candid Behind the scenes 1080hd - 8.5 minutes BUY IT HERE: https://clips4sale.com/92139/sparks-92139/cid0ab1cc4f07db24860587aadfa8 Ever wonder what I do in between filming clips? Now you get see thanks to my cam not stopping the recording after I just got done filming the bald pussy worship squirting joi clip! LOL I really thought I clicked the button to stop the cam after I got done with that clip, but here we are. Win for you! Watch this voyeur candid clip of me playing on phone, talking to a friend, smoking, and relaxing my big meaty bbw bare feet (semi dirty soles). Obviously ignoring you because I don't even realize you are there. Toe pointing, and wrinkled soles. Just how you like it (red nails) https://clips4sale.com/92139/sparks-92139/cid0ab1cc4f07db24860587aadfa8
  4. About to release clip titled: Your Trains crushed AGAIN ' to my 92139 store :) 


  5. header for 92139


    1. Black Spiral

      Black Spiral

      Delicious! May I lick?

  6. About to release clip titled: 5th of November' to my 92139 store :yes:



  7. About to release the clip titled  'Early Christmas Present - Saran Wrapped Socks PART 2' to my 129699 store ;)


  8. About to release the clip titled  'Early Christmas Present - Saran Wrapped Socks PART 1' to my 129699 store ;)



  9. About to release the clip titled Barefoot Candid Behind the scenes on my 92139 store


    1. Black Spiral

      Black Spiral

      Your foot stool looks a little damp... Do you need someone to clean that up for you?:SLOBBER:

  10. About to release clip titled trick or treat jerk to my feet on my 129699 store 

    better late than never *joint


    1. Black Spiral

      Black Spiral

      May I? It would be an honour!:LOVE:

  11. You look so beautuful baby let me see you in full pose how sexy you are can't wait to see you 

    1. Miss Brandi Sparxxx

      Miss Brandi Sparxxx

      1. I am domme and not anybodies baby :)
      2. Thanks for the compliment. Attached a screenshot of the clip I am literally about to release in a few moments lol. You can see full poses of me all over the place but follow me on twitter or check out my clipstores for updates pics and clips anytime. let me know if you have a custom request for a clip or photo set and I'll happily oblige: My Twitter HERE - My BBW SSBBW variety clip store HERE - BBW Feet / Crushing / Giantess Store 92139 HERE - BBW Feet / Dirty Socks / Dirty Nylon / Foot worship / 129699 HERE